In The Court of the Crimson King documentary

Saw this doc on King Crimson by Toby Amies last night and boy, it’s excellent – highly recommended. Funny, insightful and touching, far better than the Bowie doc doing the rounds – various streaming events and showings are scheduled in the next month before it gets a release before Xmas. More info on the various contents and formats to be released here

One thought on “In The Court of the Crimson King documentary

  1. I discovered this record in our local library back in the early 80s in Northern Ireland, back when we ordered/borrowed tapes from the library, some of us couldn’t afford to buy records back then. There was something about the cover that got my curiosity, if the cover is that good, the music must be interesting, and it was, and I’m still listening to Robert Fripp today. After hearing ITCOTCK for the first time it opened up a whole new world to discover. Just ordered the doc from Burning Shed. Thanks Kev!

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