Mike Hinge at 80

According to Ivan over at OnyxCube – the no.1 Mike Hinge resource on the web –  Mike would have been 80 years old today. To celebrate he has all sorts of special treats that he’s dug up to show including typeface designs and memories of old friends so go and check his site out, it’s a goldmine.

Over here though I’ve got a lovely selection of images saved by my good friend Elisa from various lots on eBay that were auctioned around 2003 when his estate sold a lot of his work on. Amazingly she forwarded me a whole folder she recently found on a hard drive that she’d kept, she also won the Kiwifan 10 piece (included here left). The images aren’t great because they were taken by the auctioneer but I’ve tried to make them look as good as possible – thanks Elisa!

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