Moebius exhibition in Paris

Moebius poster I was in Paris last Friday, playing at La Machine, but upon waiting for the Eurostar the next day I saw a poster for a Moebius Exhibition at the Foundation Cartier. Gutted not have known this was on earlier as I could have seen it before I left. The link above takes you to the exhibition site with a wealth of info, images, beautiful videos of Moebius drawing and mouth-watering merchandise, check the pencil sets below.

Moebius pencils 2Moebius pencils 1

5 thoughts on “Moebius exhibition in Paris

  1. Unfortunately I didn’t in the end, half term plans with the kids went astray. Thanks for your offer, I’ll email you. :)

  2. Did you get a chance to visit the expo? It ends this week-end and i’m planning on giving it another go. So let me know if you need anything.

  3. Great exhibition. Moebius / Giraud is one of my favourite living artist. I love his drawing (and paintings) of course but also his universe. The poetry and the fantasy of it. Great exhibition about a great artist. Amazingly, this is his first exhibition in France.
    And, right, if you can’t come back and if you need something, do not hesitate. I went to see it in the end of last year but I’ll go back before it ends (they said they would change things, add some new ones… and anyway it is worth seeing an other time). Then, if you can’t manage to get those “mouth-watering merchandise”, I’ll be glad to help. Just say what you need…

  4. Thanks Elisio, I’m working on getting back out before the end with my family but if I don’t make it I may take you up on that offer.

  5. It’s an amazing exhibition. Great venue, amazing art. And Moebius’ notebooks are a sight to behold.
    I really hope you’ll have a chance to come back to Paris before March to see it, or that the exhibition will be travelling to London in some way.
    Maybe we can send you some of that mouth-watering merchandise. What do you say?

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