Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

Enowatch pt.48271 – I’ve been fair obsessed with all things Eno of late, not least because the recent Gary Hustwit and Brendan Dawes AV piece, ‘Nothing Can Ever Be The Same’, premiered at the Venice Biennale last week. This 168 hour installation takes Eno’s video and music archive and uses it as material to feed the generative engines they’ve built whilst also serving as a kind of trailer for Hustwit’s ‘Eno’ film due next year. See examples of it below.

CompleteObscure_LP03 web
There’s also the recent announcement of the Obscure label boxset that sees all ten albums on the label from the mid to late 70s run via Island records re-issued with an 80 page book, I’ll be writing more about this once I’ve devoured it.
Meanwhile I’m still trying to listen to everything on Eno’s Sonos radio station The Lighthouse, now with 424 unreleased tracks from between 1989 and 2023 streaming randomly 24 hrs a day but that algorithm just isn’t playing certain tracks. Of course Brian also plays London tonight with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic to perform his Ships show that’s been doing the rounds in Europe.

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