Olivetti at the ICA

The Olivetti exhibition currently at the ICA in London is small but perfectly formed, much like its contents. Blink and you’ll miss it (tucked away in a little room under the stairs to the bar), it’s a beautiful collection of vintage typewriters and word processors supported by original posters, promo material and historical documents.
OlivettiICA7 OlivettiICA9OlivettiICA1OlivettiICA8 OlivettiICA4OlivettiICA3 OlivettiICA6OlivettiICA5
Inspired by this tiny treasure trove of gorgeous design I raided my archives of Graphis Annuals and Architecture Aujourd’hui magazines and snapped a few quick shots of Olivetti adverts contained within.

Olivettiad3Olivettiad2 Olivettiad4Olivettiad1 Olivettiad5 Olivettiad6

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