‘Raiding the 20th Century’ is 10 years old

It’s been bought to my attention that the original version of my ‘Raiding The 20th Century’ mix is now 10 years old. Originally a 40 minute guest mix on Eddy Temple-MorrisXFM radio show, The Remix, it was my attempt to construct a rough history of ‘cut up’ music in the midst of the mashup up/bastard pop craze. Taking in Music Concrete, avant garde tape composition, radiophonic tape experiments, megamixes, edit kings, scratching, early sampling and of course mash ups, it was one of the most densely mixed and edited things I’ve ever done. When it debuted it was put up on the Ninja Tune site at the time and quickly went a bit viral, causing the server to melt down and the site to grind to a halt by the next morning. More info here and here.

9 thoughts on “‘Raiding the 20th Century’ is 10 years old

  1. I cannot tell you the number of young DJs that I’ve introduced that set to. It’s a documentary. Stunning in every way

  2. Great stuff. I actually listened to it for the first time. It could’ve included a bit more of ECC, for example, but nobody’s perfect. Now I’m listening to it again.

    Reminds me of the good days — hearing Osymyso’s “Introinspection” and one of the best sets ever (DK/Osymyso/Strictly Kev) on Solid Steel in 2002.

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