‘Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass’ compilation

Enjoying this new compilation on Buried Treasure that takes a slightly different angle on the library comp from what’s been done before. They add ‘Brass’ to the line up of Psych and Moogs, not something that you usually find but it’s there alright.

The tracks come from the German Sonoton Music Library and they’ve done a great job with superb mastering and a fatastic sleeve by Rob Crespo to pull you in. John Fiddy and Sammy Burdson seem to make up around half of the tracks and it’s all new to me.

There’s some really great material on here and whilst I would question the amount of ‘Psych’ in the selection there’s plenty of Brass and modular keyboard sounds. Most of all there’s some superb playing all over the selections even though is can slip into cheese occasionally.

Sven Perner‘s ‘High Tension’ is a thinly veiled take on Led Zep‘s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ whilst ‘Crime & Glamour’ by Hermann Langschwert & Wolfgang Killian is a classic slice of spy funk. More info and clips here.

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