Robert Fripp – Music For Quiet Moments

Robert Fripp has been posting weekly tracks from his archives each Friday for the last five weeks under the banner ‘Music For Quiet Moments’. So far they are beautiful examples of his ambient Frippertronics style mixed with synth and strings, ranging from six minute to nearly half an hour in length.
He plans to release one a week for 50 weeks in total and on the promise of the first five alone it should be an incredible body of work. You can hear and subscribe to them on his official YouTube channel (above) or buy them direct from his DGM site or Apple Music/iTunes.

Music for Quiet Moments 2 - Gentlescape (Barcelona 24 Jul 2009) - EP Music for Quiet Moments 3 - Time Stands Still (Pershore 2nd June 2006) - Single Music for Quiet Moments 4_ Requiem - EP Music for Quiet Moments 5 (Time Promenade (Date and Venue Unknown)) - Single

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