Robin The Fog’s ‘The Ghosts of Bush’ album

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How can my interest not be piqued by this playful pun on Eno & Byrne‘s masterpiece when it’s coupled with Radiophonic tape manipulation and my friend Robin The Fog – BBC employee and sidekick to Jonny Trunk on the OST show?

‘Ghosts Of Bush’ was created entirely using the natural acoustic sounds of Bush House, the iconic home for the past seven decades of the BBC World Service which will shortly be closing its doors for the last time. All of the sounds were captured in the small hours of the morning in empty offices, corridors, stairwells and other hidden corners by a Studio Manager working overnight. These recordings were then dubbed onto quarter-inch tape in the basement studio deep in the bowels of the South-East wing using two of the surviving reel-to-reel machines.”

You can read more about how it was put together as well as hear the whole album on Robin’s blog – The Fog Signals.

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