Secret 7″ 2016

Bit late on posting these as it’s been on for a few weeks but I thought I’d let RSD die down a bit and there’s still time to view the Secret 7″ entries before buying day. As every year, I went along to see what was being cooked up on the custom 45 front. This year they reside in the Sonos building in Shoreditch and the sleeves are displayed until May 1st. On May 2nd they are all up for grabs at £50 each which, this year, goes to Amnesty International UK. There are 700 this year and, if you go, make sure you check upstairs as I nearly missed that half.

Sec716jonEd Sec7161 Sec7162 Sec7163 Sec7164moon Sec7165 Sec7166 Sec7167fowler Sec7168feltms Sec7169 Sec71610 Sec71611 Sec71612.2 Sec71612 Sec71613 Sec71614 Sec71615 Sec71616 Sec71617 Sec71618 Sec71619fowler Sec71620 Sec71621 Sec71622 Sec71623moon2 Sec71624 Sec71625 Sec71626

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