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  1. WICKED, as and thou shalt recieve,,, yeah, I’m into LOSSLESS as a 4TB Hard drive of music takes up less space than the actual CD’s and Vinyl. I know I’m missing the tactile sensation (or SINsation) of coveting my possesions, but really… space is an issue in Asia.

    As it is, I’ve seens loads of Ninjas here including Matt and Raj representing CC, and I’ll be seeing Shadow in the round in just over a week… Tricknologly and Waxploitation is definitely taking root in China, well Shanghai… perhaps you and Dk could bring your new Vj show over… or a Joint with Holotronica… I’ll see if I can find out the booking agent for the Venue Josh is at next week and let Stealth know.

    Anyways, have a good one, thx for the info… and yeah, I’ll have to look into the Physical edition… It’s tmpting but really, I’m afraid for it’s safety here… wrinkles and stuff…

    Stay stealthy. and rememebr, nobody loves you like a Ninja.

  2. There will possibly be an expanded digital release with extras from the EPs not included on the album, extended versions (the album has lots of edits) and also in FLAC or lossless format. I’ll also do my best to include an extensive pdf of artwork, trying to cater to everyone…

  3. kool. to be quite honest, I added the last two ep’s to my iPod as they came out, and I haven’t removed them. prolly once a week I check em out. Great stuff….

    The possible Vinyl Box set… Pls do a Digital release of Disc 4. I live in China, no vinyl here, and I’d not want to even try…

    Home in Canada, I still have my XEN box set that MAtt gave to me from when I opened on the XEN tour in Calgary. Got that and a copy of VJAMM.

  4. Got something very special for the physical CD, a 48 pg comic-sized booklet with flexi disc :)

    You might have to buy the physical this time round…

    Oh, and there might be a vinyl box set for the EPs and a 4th disc, not set in stone yet but it’s possible.

    If you liked Kaleidoscope I think you’ll like this, it’s got a bit more grit, slightly less soundtracky but not a million miles away. And it won’t be 11 years before the next one either

  5. kool, so I’ll deffo get that one. BTW, a nice PDF booklet witht he UK one? as I generally don’t buy physical product anymore. (I make exceptions for the few worthy causes… last purchase was the re-releases of Vanishing point and XTRMNTR from Japan as well last year…)

    You mentioned extra trax, hopefully there’ll be a bonus EP or summat to let us hear some of them.

    BTW, stellar work on the XX last year. I got the book, and enjoyed the Discs (and all the Digital bonus trax) I used to be on the Ninja Mailing list way back in the day, I was like a street teamesque sorta guy then. In fact we met up at the “Meals on the Wheels of Solid Steel” tour in Calgary (with Kid Koala) like 11 years ago.

    Anyways, What I heard so far on the EP’s easily rivals Kalaidoscope, and believe me, I hold THAT El Pee in high regards.

    Hope there’s less of a break before the next batch of music. Good luck with all, and keep the music and Visuals coming…

  6. I know, I know, it was meant to arrive last year but the whole XX Ninja Tune thing knocked that out the park.

    There are reworked EP tracks, the full Stolen Moments suite never materialised the way I envisaged it so it’s not here. There were to be more non EP songs too but I ended up with more on them than planned too.

    The Japanese CD has two exclusive tracks, ‘Beast of Prey’, which is an instrumental of ‘Prey’ and ‘All Covered In Darkness Pt.2’ which is a reworking of the version on the first EP. Also it will have different versions of the artwork to the general release.

  7. it’s aboot time… the name change from “stolen moments” tugged at my autistic tendencies… and there seemed to be a slight recollection that it’d be a double comprising possible reworkings of the EP tracks, the full stolen moments suite and other non-EP songs.

    damn these dreams rom that nether-wake perod. much like the songs themselves… I love the human consciousness overdubs. they are purrfect for the music.

    Will the Japanese release contain extra tracks? I’m just across the sea in Swankhai and I might cough up the ca$h for one of those versions as opposed ot the Digital, if it’s got extras.

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