The story of the Bug In The Rug

Many times I’ve been asked what the origin of the story of ‘The Bug In The Rug’ was, a spoken word piece that was overlaid in the ColdKrushCuts mix that PC and I did in 1997. Until recently even I didn’t know where it came from because the original source was one of PC’s inclusions, possibly sourced from Jon More‘s record collection.

Patrick took a monologue from this record, ‘Four Dreams of Man’ by Dr. John Furbay, heavily edited it and laid it over Hex‘s track, ‘Harmonic’. The record is a kind of lecture and motivational speech about man’s place in the world released on Lecture Recordings in, I guess, the early 60’s.

This is my copy, it’s actually signed by Furbay, who was an international traveler and speaker at many schools, institutions and companies. He believed the world was getting better and could foresee greater integration of different races and cultures in the future. You can hear the original section of the mix below, the speech starts about 2.10 mins in.

13 thoughts on “The story of the Bug In The Rug

  1. Thanks for posting this Kev. I’ve been listening to that mix for (quite literally) decades now. Interesting to hear the story behind it.

  2. Big UPs ! i have wanted to know the origin of this sample for exactly two decades now- it has been very influential and thought it was Alan Watts but couldn’t ever fond confirmation.
    Many thanks for posting this !!

    Excellent selection as always DJFood you all provide proper nutrients !

  3. Big UPs ! i have wanted to know the source of this sample for 2 decades now- it made a lasting impression on me and am eager to search more into John Furbay. Though it was Alan Watts but all searches lead to no.
    Many thanks for posting this !

  4. This tune is so powerful that it has remained etched in my consciousness for two decades. I am so absolutely thankful that you released it! Looking forward to more of your work. :)

  5. Haa haaa, just decided to try to track down a copy of this after you contacted me on FB, and found this page. Hope everyone enjoys the track, the info and the original if they can get their hands on it!

  6. Ahhhhh you beauty! Thank you for spilling the beans, I’ve always wanted to track this down!

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