Turn On Exhibition

The first (that I’ve ever heard of) exhibition of zoetrope art – TURN ON – ended recently at the Place des Rotondes in Luxembourg and they have made this short film of the event, directed by Raoul Schmitz. Sculpture played at the opening and my 2013 zoetrope of Bonobo‘s ‘Cirrus’ using animations by Cyriak was featured alongside discs by Reuben Sutherland, Drew Tetz, Tess Martin, Iloobia and more.
A note to cultural spaces – the exhibition is now available for hire and can’t wait to go on tour! A presentation kit is being finalised for interested art and cultural centres. Email Marine Deravet at Rotondes if you are interested in hosting the event in your city or town. Photos below by Lynn Theisen (first 3) and Mike Zenari.

TurnOn-13 web
TurnOn-103 web
TurnOn-105 web
DSC_6379 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6215 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6164 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6141 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6140 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6134 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6108 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6104 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6102 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6096 © Mike Zenari
DSC_6066 © Mike Zenari

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