Build The Search Engine

The record for this so far is Anders with ‘about a minute’, can you beat that? The album is out today at long last, very happy to finally have that particular monkey off my back, just the exhibition to sort and hang for this Thursday and then it’s off to France for gigs, developing the dome show more and adapting the various elements to the regular DJ sets. You can buy a variety of formats of the album from here, it should also be available on iTunes, Amazon (it has explicit lyrics apparently), Bleep and through all the usual channels.

5 thoughts on “Build The Search Engine

  1. 1:21 for the jiggy. Of course you can just cheat and hit the solve button. Got it down to 00:00 doing it that way. 😛

    Bought the Book version of search engine this morning from Ninja, I’d been meaning to pre-order it but it just kept slipping my mind.

  2. yeah, I’ve made myself look a fool by counting the clock from the moment I generated the puzzle and was fiddling about with the settings and whatnot.

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