Clone ‘Hallowe’en 1976’ cassette package

Love this oversize clam shell cassette packaging and design from Andy Votel‘s Cache Cache label. The artist is Clone – aka Gary Sloane of last years ‘Harmonitalk’ and this is 26 minutes of electronic jam sessions from 1976 supposedly. Inside each box is a bonus plastic skeleton to keep with the Halloween theme. Still in stock over at Finders Keepers but limited to only 100 copies.

2 thoughts on “Clone ‘Hallowe’en 1976’ cassette package

  1. Hi Chris, I’m afraid I didn’t make this cassette, Finders Keepers did, you be best off contacting Andy Votel there to find out their source.

  2. Hello! Hoping for some insight… I’m releasing a limited cassette for a band I work with and have been searching high & low for a case exactly like this one (Clone / Halloween). Can you steer me towards a site and/or contact to purchase them?



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