ColdKrushCuts 3xLP repress now in stock

Out now via Ninja Tune‘s Beat Delete repress label – the mix PC and I did in 1997 for a face-off between Coldcut and DJ Krush. It’s a triple disc with the mixes on opposite sides of each disc, if you have two decks you can even mix the beginning and end parts together to form the full thing.

I remember recording this in a professional studio somewhere in London’s West end, I think it took us less than a week after some initial ideas had been gone over in our own studios and a selection made.

The brief was for only Ninja and Ntone releases as this would be easy and quick to license. We did add a lot of spoken word from other sources though. We also made a conscious decision to include some of the more esoteric sides of the label as we second-guessed the kind of material Krush would go for. We were thrilled to have him as a part of it as MoWax was (and still is) one of our favourite labels.

This is the mix with the infamous ‘Bug’s Eye View’ spoken piece that I detailed the source of earlier in the year. We had an engineer recording and editing what we did the whole time, tracks would be mixed live and then sections edited together and overlaid if need be.

It was nice to give the artwork a good brush up and sort out the myriad of spelling mistakes that were on the original. I never liked what I did first time round and, whilst this isn’t a million miles from it, it’s a hell of a lot tidier and easier to read. The idea was that the cover could be placed either way up and that East met West from either direction, being that Krush hails from Japan.

‘Nightrous’ by Peezee was an exclusive track that only features here, PC pulled it out of the bag when we needed something to fit into a troublesome section. Listening back to the mix recently for the first time in 15 years I really enjoyed it as a time capsule of the label at a point where the Trip Hop thing was coming to an end and the label was set to branch out with the ‘Funkungfusion’ compilation the next year.

You can buy it now direct from Ninja Tune.

3 thoughts on “ColdKrushCuts 3xLP repress now in stock

  1. Awesome! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… This has to be one of the best albums in the cosmos. I rarely play it now to ensure maximum pleasure when I do. One of those albums to play with good friends around a camp fire under the stars or at home alone imagining the same. 1997 and yet it remains an absolute classic. A phenomenal album.

  2. Thanks Nicholas, I’m not sure what’s coming next, there are still lots of things on the catalogue that need to be fully funded yet. Go and have a look and, if you see something you’d like you can pledge for a copy, once they have enough orders they’ll press it.
    There are a lot of artists listed plus some compilations

  3. What a great reissue !
    In 1997 I bought the 2 CD mix in France or in London records shops, as most of the Ninja Tune and Mo Wax compilations. Early this year I got a record player because I had some money and I still have some nice old soundtracks or LPs (ZTT…). And then here comes Beat Delete repress label : 180gr vinyls + beautiful sleeves + download code ! After Amon Tobin and ColdKrushCuts vinyls, what will be next (please make some gatefold sleeve) ? ‘Funkungfusion’, ‘Xen Cuts or other Ninja Tune compilations ? DJ Food’s ‘Refried food’, Coldcut’s ‘Let us replay’… ? Past, present and futur on vinyl.

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