DJ Food vs AA RSD 12″ Repress details

OK – due to high demand, a database cock up at Ninja Tune – meaning that the record looked like it was in stock when it wasn’t – and people putting them on eBay for silly money, Ninja are repressing another 500 copies of my 12″ – ON MULTI-COLOURED MARBLED VINYL.

The people who ordered it from the Ninjashop will get one, no black vinyl copies are being pressed, so if you are one of the ones who asked for a black vinyl copy you will get coloured.

This will be the last pressing on coloured vinyl though. It will be the same (or as near as can be) as the RSD one, once orders are fulfilled the rest of the pressing will go up on the Ninja shop.

This will take approx. 2 weeks, sorry for any cock ups, and thanks for your patience. If you still want a refund then contact the Ninja shop, otherwise hold tight and they will contact you when this is all sorted.

Photo above taken from Carl Schalck‘s Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “DJ Food vs AA RSD 12″ Repress details

  1. Thanks Kev, just received a mail from NinjaStore asking for the disk back. I hope you didn’t shout too much. I’d be very tempted to keep it as it’s a thing of beauty, but I didn’t order it and I know there are hundreds of peeps who’re after it. This isn’t the first order of mine NinjaStore got a little wrong.

  2. You also have to take into account that some people, namely me, who didn’t order one received it, that can’t be good for stock levels. 😛

    I bought the MP3 download and the “Solid Psyche Mix CD” and somehow got the vinyl yesterday and no CD. I love the artwork and it’s all very nice but unfortunately I don’t have any mean of playing vinyl, I know that’s blasphemy around here but digital has always been my medium.

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