Iron Maiden ‘comic’ covers

Every guy my age has a soft spot somewhere for Iron Maiden‘s covers (some of the music wasn’t bad either but I dipped out around ‘Somewhere in Time’). Their mascot, Eddie, has been with them through thick and thin, morphing and warping into new identities with each album and I just came across these two designs that ape classic sci-fi comics of the 60’s. I’m not sure if these were designs that didn’t make it as there seem to be more traditional versions of the same titles with Derek Riggs‘-style airbrush images too. But if you’re going to do the ‘comic’ look then this is how to do it.

I also found this cover in 3D and couldn’t resist posting it

4 thoughts on “Iron Maiden ‘comic’ covers

  1. Excuse me but Where can i find the Second Poster? “the final frontier”. The one with the astronaut!

  2. actually, final frontier was a pretty good LP. seems that loads of old bands are doing well these days.

    i wonder if the “matter of life and death” lp cover works with the Master View 3D Glasses?

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