Jodorowsky’s Dune LP packaging

One of my favourite releases of 2015 and one I’ve been meaning to photograph for ages, the pre-order version of Kurt Stenzel’s ‘Jodoroowsky’s Dune’ soundtrack. Everything about this release is top notch, the design (by Signalstarr), the quality of the sleeve, the obi strip and insert with sleeve notes. The coloured vinyl is stunning, one of the best examples of its use I’ve seen and the music – which let’s not forget is the reason to buy such an item – is excellent too. One point deducted on an otherwise 10/10 release though, there was no 27″ x 40″ folded film poster as promised on the pre-order and sticker – did anyone else get one or was it just me?. I’ve mailed Light In The Attic about this and they’ve promised to send one though which will complete this as one of the best record packages released last year. * See below for update

*UPDATE* – and here’s the poster, newly arrived from those lovely people at Light In The Attic – it’s huge and makes this my favourite piece of music, design and packaging of 2015.

Dune poster

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