Ninja Tune is 20!

At last the day is here, two decades old and a teenager no more. Ninja is 20 and we celebrate the date – and also the 200th post here – in style with two double CD sets, four 12″s and a lavish box set which is now sold out on the Ninjashop although stores will have it from today.

XXvol1XXvol2Slipcase with contents
The book, ‘Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces’ has been in the shops a month now, 192 pages and over 1,200 images charting the history of the label from Coldcut’s late 80’s chart hits to today.

This week’s Solid Steel has been given over to celebrating the occasion with an anniversary mix of classics from all the labels by DK and a one hour interview with Coldcut and label manager Peter Quicke about where it all began and where it’s going.
Solid Steel Radio Show 17/9/2010 Part 1 + 2 – DK by Ninja Tune & Big Dada
Solid Steel Radio Show 17/9/2010 Part 3 + 4 – Interview with Coldcut & Peter Quicke by Ninja Tune & Big Dada

After that it’s shows around the world, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Tokyo and Osaka, King Cannibal’s ‘The Way Of The Ninja’ mix CD and Zen TV pt.2 on DVD.

7 thoughts on “Ninja Tune is 20!

  1. just got my grubby hands on this and it is a thing of wonder. great work. the whole thing is just stunning.

  2. goddamn brilliant, is what this boxset is. enjoy the tour etc… i liked the disclaimers, that after soooo much partying the quality might suffer. but will it? not likely! consistant top quality 20 years, omg omg

  3. Thanks all for your kind words :) Some of the comments I’ve received have been incredible, glad all the hard work was appreciated so much. Everyone (not just me) went all out to make the best we could.

  4. Got my boxset on Friday – still buzzing about it and making my way through the trax. Had a bunch of friends round on Saturday night admiring the design and quality of the whole package. I’ve seen so many labels rise and fall in the last twenty years but Ninja is still at the bleeding edge yet classy with it – yes mate!!

  5. Hi Kev,

    I just wanted pass on my thanks for this stunning boxset! My rather large parcel arrived a few hours ago and I still can’t stop looking at the thing.

    The love, care and attention to detail in this celebration are a wonderful reflection of Ninja’s own approach to nurturing and releasing new music. I’m pleased to see that what attracted me to the label all those years ago is still at the centre of the best independent label I know.

    Cheers for all the hard graft, you and all the other Ninjas put in behind the scenes, here’s to another XX.


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