Ninja Tune XX box set news

An XX box set just went for nearly £300 on eBay someone should have told the bidders that Ninja had a few tucked away for their new site launch and the winner could have saved themselves £200. In other news, the box set was featured in an end of year round up in the New York Times of all places (there we are over on the right) alongside, Elvis, Dylan, the Stones, Springsteen, Lennon and more…

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8 thoughts on “Ninja Tune XX box set news

  1. Kev- whatever happened to the 7th “mystery 12″” for Ninja Tune XX? What was it? Is it available anywhere? I’ve searched online & cannot find any info. Thanks!

  2. Oh man, know of anywhere else in the universe that might have it? (seeing as I’ll be paying an arm and a leg for shipping it to New Zealand it doesn’t really matter where it is)

  3. Has the new website launched and I totally missed out on my chance to get the tasty box set YET AGAIN. Or is it yet to launch?

    The link you give above just says out of stock.

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