OST Sesame Street Special podcast now online

Sesame D Is For Dig coverThe Sesame Street special I did with Jonny Trunk in 2004 for his weekly OST excursion into soundtracks, library and other esoterica is now available as a podcast from Resonance FM. This features a lot of material from the unreleased ‘D Is For Dig’ compilation I put together for Sesame Workshop in 2003 which never came to fruition because of legal matters.

8 thoughts on “OST Sesame Street Special podcast now online

  1. Kev this is fucking awesome…Whatever is going on after 51:00 is just killing me. Thank you much.

  2. Anyone know where you can get a copy of the mahna mahna remix from the end of this podcast, I’ve tried searching but can’t find it anywhere.

  3. I have a tracklist somewhere DW, when I dig it all out again I’ll make sure it’s properly ordered as per the info I had at the time. The Roosevelt Franklin stuff is available on one of the two RF album Sesame Workshop put out around the early 70’s from memory. The 1,2,3 Sesame Stevie Wonder track is available on the 35 years of Sesame St. Box set as well I think. I need to find time to do this but right now it’s not going to happen for a bit, I will do it though.

  4. Listened to this several times already and “Wow!” doesn’t even begin to express…What treasure you’ve unearthed, that, were it not for your industrious effort, vision, time and luck probably would the music have been forgotten, gone by the wayside (barring those blasted DVD compilations).

    – An epic endeavor, no, an ambitious opus that serves as inspiration for all who pride on hunting down rare and obscure musical artifacts – (Even though you, yourself, didn’t do any physical “crate digging” per se for this project, correct?)- The bar has been set nonetheless.

    Is there a tracklist available? Especially for tracks @ 8:25 “1,2,3 Sesame Street…”; the track by Lou Rawls found @ 10:35; track @ 28:00; 33:00 intro’d by The Count; 36:45! “School. ScHool. SCHOOL…House. hOUse. HouSE…”; 38:45; the “kitty” tune immediately after; 54:50 “Termites…termites that make a giant house..”; funky jazz number @57:15; the very cool symphonic, electronic arpeggio thing going on @1:02:10; the spooky number found @1:07; the sketch by Roosevelt Franklin @1:19 “Marty McMope”? – lmfao towards the end of it wherein Franklin unabashedly announces (in accordance with Rhyme Time), “Now, Roosevelt Franklin has had his say, so class is dismissed for the rest of the day.” In response to the hysterics of the class – and prodded to outdo himself – in the background he adds “You like that? You know what, ya’ll go home…matter of fact, take the week off!…(something indiscernible) take a month off!” =P(oh yea, lmfao at Susanna “something” too); track immediately after…ah hell – if all of them can be identified that’d be great.

    Too funky!
    Too cool!

  5. I’m going to put it up later this year Ant, I have to dig it out and possibly clean it up a bit as the quality was always average at best and I didn’t know much about audio restoration back then.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this Kev!
    I grew up with the show and have been interested in hearing what you’ve found in the CTW archives since Pinball Number Count.
    You mentioned on the Ninja Forum earlier this year that you might share the fruits of your labor some day; hope this is a sign of things to come.

  7. This podcast is fantastic.I usually dont hear podcasts but this is great.A lot of good music, informations.Thank u Kev.

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