Electrik Collage show #3

My new monthly radio show continues, the next episode streams at 2pm-4pm, Friday June 7th wherever you are in the world. Featuring bits and pieces from the in-box, recent buying trips whilst trying to keep a good portion of it current or new. There are dips back in time, sometimes where I’ve recently discovered something I missed a few years back. There are some re-edits too – usually just a nip and a tuck for my DJ sets to trim tracks down slightly but in the case of the Radio Slave mix I’ve actually combined elements of two different remixes and then edited them down. The Bishops of the Holy Rollers Fallout Shelter track is about the joys of VD, a little 45 I picked up recently at Mr Thing’s shop in Hastings, Pressing Matters – definitely one to check out. I’ve made some Electrik Collage jingles that will feature throughout the shows from now on (see one above) and there are over 40 of them so tune in and collect the set. Listen at ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID

Show #3 tracklist 7th June 2024

DJ Food – Electrik Collage #12
Bassbin Twins – WORK
Reso – Raid
Effersay – This Sound
Indo Tribe – Obstinta
S’Express x Daddy Squad – Je Suis Acid (DJ Food edit)
Varonos – The Trip (ft Yanna Thomas)
Akufen – Death of a Mascot
Bassbin Twins – TUFF
Radio Slave – Children Of The E (DJ Food North+South Re-edit)
DJ Food – Electrik Collage #45
Patrick Carpenter – Lucky 7
The Dining Rooms – Common Questions
Jlin – Challenge (To Be Continued)
DJ Fokus – Get A Bearing
Jlin – Challenge (To Be Continued II)
DJ Food – Electrik Collage #12
Markey Funk – Japanese Fonts
Bishops of the Holy Rollers Fallout Shelter – It’s Free
Prefuse 73 – Vast Wildlife Poison (Scene Two)
Memorials – A Guaranty of Sanity
The Luvmenauts – Doing Jazz
Justin Warfield – All Of The Time
Homeboy Sandman & Edan – Unwavering Mind
Hard 2 Obtain – Babble On
Clocolan – Humantime
DJ Food – Electrik Collage #35
Champagne Dub – Refreshment Guy
Bsidewinsagain – 5 Minutes Of Fire (Instrumental)
Acid House Therapy – Existential Plasmodia
Hieroglyphic Being – Ogee
DJ Shadow – Changeling / Transmission 1 (drumless)

Mixcloud Select 199: Coldcut Solid Sphinx Strictly section 25/11/1994

MS199 Tape
As I’ve said before in these missives, a Solid Sphinx was an ad-free, minimal chat mix for two hours. The upside being that both we and the listeners could dive in and really immerse ourselves into the music without interruption between 1-3am. The downside is now evident when listening back and trying to identify the songs contained within as there were no track backs to let people know what was played. The old memory is unreliable three decades later and Shazam can’t identify everything you throw at it and so the track list for this upload is far from complete. Once again I implore anyone with a better recall to fill in the blanks here as I’m struggling although a couple are annoyingly familiar.

This show was at the tale end of 1994 and, to my trained ear, features all four of us in the original two hour rub. Kickstarted by PC, then I, Matt and finally Jon each took approx 30 minutes to mix and match whatever we had been feeling that week. This is just my section and I will forewarn you, it gets pretty nasty in places, certainly not a chill out half hour, you can almost feel the testosterone dripping from the speakers. Unknown DnB track 1 – no idea – in fact it may not even have come from my box, the lines are blurred as to where and when each of us end and begin but the second track, Caustic Visions, is definitely me. One of the group – I think his name was Tim possibly? – visited Ambient Soho one day brandishing their new single (actually Caustic Visions 2) and a brace of very well-designed promo posters. I was immediately taken with them and the disc was a fresh-sounding mix of acid, Gabber and industrial noise with a clear nod to Aphex Twin in both style and title (Caustic Window being one of his aliases). Always looking for the latest thing, I jumped on it and kept in touch, collecting several of their other releases, some of which were on Industrial Strength, the US hardcore techno label run by Lenny Dee. At one point I was convinced that Gabber would be the next thing to blow up but it never really caught on in the UK to the extent it did in Europe.

Anyway, I really liked what CV did and kept an eye on them for the few years that they were active as they always seemed to be occupying their own corner of the techno world. Three unidentifiable tracks follow; a rattle-y Amen-led DnB breakfest that seems to pre-figure Plug and Squarepusher with those rapid-fire machine gun edits and another that stops and starts like a scratch DJ who can’t keep their finger off the turntable stop button. Bridging the two is a wall of looping 8-bit noise that was also by Caustic Visions but the two DnB tracks show off my love of highly-detailed drum cut up programming before DJ Crystl’s classic ‘Let It Roll’ arrives to calm the waters somewhat. Crystl was originally the DJ with UK rap group The Brotherhood under the name of DJ Pump Action but left to pursue a DnB career before they achieved commercial success. ‘Let It Roll’ was a fresh sound at the time, even though the genre was still in its infancy. Racing in at what almost seems like double time is another unknown tune, and I’m barely keeping it in time at points before the actual track breaks down itself and shudders to a stop.

Mark Van Hoen’s Locust project was a big favourite back then, he didn’t and still doesn’t sound like anyone else and there were a lot of Aphex copyists around in the early 90s. You stood out by being original and having your own sound. With his spindly IDM and Designers Republic-designed sleeves he should have been on Warp by all accounts but wound up on the next best thing, R&S. I’d forgotten the next classic; this got a LOT of play at the time, a Sabres of Paradise remix of the Wolfgang Press of all people! They did two of which this was the second and I’m mixing the extended percussion breakdown of ‘Trans Europe Express’ over the middle of it for some time. The last track was a frustrating head scratcher until I ran across it by complete chance whilst researching something else just yesterday. Coming on like a slower version of Soul Coughing’s ‘Super Bon Bon’ (the Propellerheads remix – they must have used the same break) – it was local group Camberwell Butterflies with a track entitled ‘Gloop’ from their sole release on The Chill Out Label.

Next week is upload 200 and I’ve still not decided what it will be… with that I bring this round of Mixcloud Select weekly uploads to an end after 4+ years of almost weekly activity. The CDrs are done, as are the DATs and there are just a handful of tapes left. My third show for ROVR radio debut’s today at 2pm worldwide with two hours of new music and a sprinkling of oldies or obscurities. Tune in at 2pm wherever you are in the world

Track list:
Unknown DnB 1 – unknown
Caustic Visions – Contortion
Unknown DnB 2 – unknown
Caustic Visions – Virex
Unknown DnB 3 – unknown
DJ Crystl – Let It Roll
Unknown – Unknown
Locust – Good God
The Wolfgang Press – 11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 2)
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
Camberwell Butterflies – Gloop

Mixcloud Select 198: Coldcut Solid Sphinx live – Strictly highlights 14/10/1994

MS198 Tape
As described in earlier posts, a Solid Sphinx was an occasional Solid Steel show – usually live – with no ads and very little talking. It might have been that there were no ads booked in that week, no ‘reads’ (KISS-affiliated announcements to be made during the show) or just that there were only a few ads lined up and we conveniently forgot to air them. Either way, it was heads down and concentrate on the mix for two hours rather than have an eye on the clock for the next ad break.

What we have here are some edited parts of a 2 hour Sphinx where I was in control, I think Matt started the show off with a 30 minute mix, then me, then PC finished up, I don’t think Jon was around for this one. It’s marked as live on the tape which means we probably did it Saturday night directly to air whereas we usually pre-recorded it on a Friday night around 9pm if memory serves. I’ve snipped out some bits here and there just to make it a bit more digestible but you get the flavour – trip hop, electro, old school hip hop and spoken word interludes. I had acquired a copy of the Firesign Theatre’s Everything You Know is Wrong album and eagerly added some passages in here and there to add to the usual Coldcut Word Treasure jingles. We kick off with the end of Matt’s mix, some early jungle, and I come in with a Digidub tune that was a regular spin back in the day.

Cue Coldcut’s ‘More Beats’ on 45rpm then switched down to 33 for a tempo change before the underrated and overshadowed (by UNKLE on the A side) Howie B vs Major Force ‘Martian Economics’ – a fab slice or early trip hop if ever there was one. I loved that 12”, to me it embodied everything I wanted from ‘trip hop’ – dusty drums, weird electronics, samples and spoken world with a sci-fi touch. M.S.P. stood for Manic Street Preachers and the track ‘Faster’ was taken from a ‘promo’ 12” named Done & Dusted, featuring versions of MSP tracks made over by The Dust Brothers before they had to change their name to the Chemical variety of siblings. This was early big beat colliding with rock – as the Chems would perfect later, more electro than trip hop but still coming from similar sources, very exciting at the time – no idea if I still have it in the collection.

Kraftwerk cycle into the mix with ‘Tour de France’ – never ages – before an ambient breakdown I can’t identify and a clip of Matt Black’s dad reading a text called ‘The Ninth World’. There was an ad break here, or the tape ended but we proceed with Air Liquide’s ‘ The Increased Difficulty of Concentration’ and into Two Sandwiches Short of a Lunchbox which was Andrea Parker and David Morley on the Apollo label, an ambient subsidiary of R&S records. Weirdly I’ve just designed an LP sleeve for David for De:tuned records, how odd the way things circle back? The Dust Brothers are back with ‘Dust Up Beats’ from their My Mercury Mouth EP, I was obviously smitten and hoovering up everything I could find by them (which was probably less than 5 releases at the time including remixes). We slip into a couple of old hip hop classics, evidently played directly from Street Sounds Electro 4 by the sound of it as the two mix into each other exactly the same. I still think D.St’s mix of Herbie Hancock is one of the greatest mega mixes of all time, he obviously had access to the studio tapes and a proper studio to do it in but it’s a superb creation.

A brief blast of the Firesign Theatre before a track I’d forgotten all about, GTO’s ‘Dub Killer’ from their Data Trax vol.1 12” – a great example of odd little B side experiments that would turn up on dance singles around this time, very Renegade Soundwave / trip hop-sounding. Autechre’s ‘Teartear’ from Amber is up next, a track I still play out occasionally with its tempo switch down. Sheila Chandra was a big element of my ambient sets a couple of years earlier after I found a clutch of her LPs in Cheapo Cheapo’s in Soho. Her ‘Mecca’ track from the Roots & Wings album is a bit out of tune here but mercifully not for long. Tori Amos’s ‘God’ appeared in a variety of mixes including three from Carl Craig but my favourite was by The Joy – possibly their only remix work aside for one for D:REAM – and a 12 minute+ epic. Looking them up I found they were fond of long tracks with two mixes of their debut, ‘Shine’, clocking in at 27 minutes each(!). Denise Johnson was part of the group and they did work with her later, it’s very much in that post-ambient / baggy / Screamadelica / long Sabres of Paradise remix mode that was the thing around then.

Encoded tapes
Only one more entry until we hit the magic 200 mark and this series comes to an end. I probably have less than 10 tapes left and not all of them are going to be uploaded as I don’t want to go over the 200 mark at the moment. I also have drawers full of encoded cassettes I don’t want/need now so if anyone wants to make me an offer to take custody of them then feel free. I’m trying to clear things out that have been with me for decades that I don’t need.

Track list:
Coldcut – Solid Steel intro
L.S. Diezel & Launch Dat – Rougher Than A Lion
Coldcut – More Beats (on 45/33 rpm)
Howie B Vs. Major Force E.M.S. Orchestra – Martian Economics (Unified Plant Theory)
M.S.P. – Faster (7-11 Dub)
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
Matt’s Dad – The Ninth World
Air Liquide – The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
Two Sandwiches Short of a Lunchbox – Too Good To be Strange
The Dust Brothers – Dust-Up-Beats
Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars – Here Comes That Beat!
Herbie Hancock – Megamix
The Firesign Theatre – Everything You Know Is Wrong!
GTO – Dub Killer
Autechre – Teartear
Sheila Chandra – Mecca
Tori Amos – God (The Dharma Kaya mix)

Mixcloud Select 197: DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29/04/2004

MS197 DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29:04:2004 CDr
A typical club set from around the early ’00s with a mash up of DnB, acappellas, hip hop and other beats, recorded live whilst on tour in New Zealand at the end of 2003. The recording is fairly compressed as it must be a feed from the desk and we drop in probably for the latter half of the set as it’s in full flow and I’ve reached the drum and bass section. I probably had two decks and a Numark CDJ for this and several classic mixes are in there including PC’s ‘Mirror In The Bathroom/Square Off’ combination from Now, Listen, DJ Zinc/Rodney P, Nas/DJ Shadow and Beastie Boys/Lisa Maffia which were all staples of the set around this time. There’s a live take on the Obie Trice beat cut up featured on a previous mix upload and I float a bit of Shirley Bassey’s ‘Light My Fire’ over Un-Cut’s ‘Midnight’ track who sample the strings from her version. Anyway, I won’t pontificate on the contents but there’s lot of obvious stuff in here including 3 DJ Food tracks which is a rarity for me.

MS197 DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29:04:2004 PRS
We’re heading towards upload 200 and I’ve still decided what I’m going to do for it but thanks to everyone who’s stuck with this for the last four years. We’re nearly there, virtually everything worth hearing is encoded and uploaded now and it’s going to be good to move on from this and concentrate on my new monthly show on ROVR radio where I’m trying to concentrate on new music if possible (or new to me). The next show is June 7th but you can listen back to the first two episodes via the phone app which gives you access to the archive.

2 Tall – Luminous Thongs Solid Steel intro
Krust & Die present – Movin’ Fast
Nextmen vs Cyantific feat. Dynamite MC – High Score
Un-Cut – Midnight (Mist 2003 remix)
Pharoah Monch – Got You (DnB remix)
DJ Zinc – Reach Out (remix)
Rodney P – Riddim Killa
The Beat – Mirror In the Bathroom
Mask – Square Off
DJ Food – Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher remix)
DJ Food – Mr Scruff Megamix
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z Trip Party mix)
Nas – I Can (acappella)
DJ Food – Dark Lady
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin’ On (acapella)
Diverse, RJD2, Lyrics Born – Explosive
Prince – Sign O The Times (Rootz n Workz remix)
Return of the Returner – Throwdown No.1
Obie Trice – Got Some Teeth (acappella)
Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack
Beastie Boys – 33% God
Lisa Maffia – All Over (acapella)
Dsico – Bille Jean Dub
Derrick Largo & Trinity – Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough

Mixcloud Select 196: Openmind – That’s My Boy! Pt.2 side B – Live Mixxx 26/05/1994

MS196 Openmind - That's My Boy! Pt.2 (side B) - Live Mixxx 26:05:1994
That’s My Boy! was a trilogy of tapes I made when I lived in a house share in East Dulwich that were given out to friends and neighbours at the time around 30 years ago as my DJ career was just starting with Coldcut and Ninja Tune. There were three volumes of which this is the second and I was showcasing the tracks of the day whilst trying to find my style as the times shifted out of the ambient scene I had been playing in for the last few years. The first strands of what would become known as trip hop were mutating out of the hip hop, indie dance and acid jazz scenes and it was a fertile time for electronic music with Warp leading the pack with their Artificial Intelligence series. You can still hear the tendrils of the German kosmischer scene overlaid in places as well as the collaged soundscapes of the Orb and others of their ilk but this volume definitely ups the funk factor with cuts from the Beastie Boys’ then current Ill Communication album, the Ballistic Brothers vs the Eccentric Afros EPs and early Mo Wax and Ninja Tune releases.

I can still remember the excitement of these times, the rush to find the early MoWax 12″s, the Beasties playing in London and doing the instore at Rough Trade in Covent Garden. Ninja signing new artists like The Herbaliser and doing my first artwork for them including redesigning the logo and 9 Lazy 9’s second album cover. Warp and R&S putting out great records every month and doing Telepathic Fish parties around London and even abroad in Amsterdam with Matt Black, Mixmaster Morris and electronic acts of the day like Autechre, Higher Intelligence Agency and Pentatonik. Working at Ambient Soho at the weekends with Rockit and helping out with the graphic design on my first Apple Mac (shared with David Vallade), an LC475. First DJ gigs around the UK with Coldcut, seeing new cities for the first time like Bristol, Leeds and Manchester. Clubs like Megatripolis on a Thursday and squat parties like Tribal Energy at the weekends plus festivals in parks around London. In my mind it’s always sunny although that’s technically impossible in the UK. There was definitely something in the air, the music was shifting and my hip hop knowledge from my first 80s forays into DJing was informing my tastes. Despite the late 80s tip into gangsterism which had soured some of the genre for me, I was still listening to hip hop via Max & Dave’s show on KISS FM alongside Coldcut, Colin Dale and Colin Faver’s more electronic-based shows and finding more interesting material coming out of the west coast.

This mix was probably done live on three decks and a basic CD player – the two Technics were used to mix beats and another old Panasonic belt drive deck for adding ambience with the CD reserved for more ambience of the occasional spoken word segment. The 4-channel mixer had a basic at best ‘echo’ function but this is mostly kept at bay as it was awful. You’ll hear bits of Sheila Chandra, Orbital, The Woodentops, Pulsation, Blue Pearl and more over these tracks as I was always layering and keeping to the chilled end of the beats. This was also the first time I’d used a Ken Nordine track, having been turned on to him by Mixmaster Morris the year before and then hunted down the Rhino Records compilation of Word Jazz they’d issued. There’s not too much you could call dance floor here, more of a head nodder for the smokers, something that would change on vol. 3 I seem to recall.

Side B Track list:
Beastie Boys – Shambala
Ballistic Brothers vs the Eccentric Afros – Save The Children
Beastie Boys – Bodhisattva Vow
DJ Toolz – Rusty Goes Ga Ga
DJ Toolz – Readybrek
La Funk Mob – La Doctoresse
R.P.M. – 2000
Ballistic Brothers vs the Eccentric Afros – Anti-Gun Movement
Paul Weller – Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats)
DJ Toolz – Electric Junk
The Radha Krona Temple – Baja Hure Mana
Beastie Boys – Transitions

Electrik Collage show #2

EC screenshotMy second monthly Electrik Collage radio show is now archived on ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID

Show #2 May 2024

Patrick Carpenter – Arrival
Man From Mantis – Digitalis
Planet Battagon – Wezlee’s Disco Inferno
Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold (DJ Food Re-Fix)
Touni Minwi – Babani Soundsystem
Humanoid – 808 Nation
The Best Ever & Muhammad Ali – Rope A Dope
Chicago Housing Commission – Good Good Feeling
Jerome Hill – Harlesden Shuffle (DJ Food Edit)
Cleon – My Mind…
Rebecca Vasmant – Teen Town
Hard Ton – Slow (Hard Ton’s Rave Mix)
Hieroglyphic Being – The Moon Dance
Smart Systems – The Nu Generation
Bullant – Orange Baby
Planet Battagon – Escape from Sedna
Ictus – Soul Meeting
The Luvmenauts – Rasputin’s Mystic Frozen Appendage Pt. 1 & 2 (feat. Adam Beer​-​Colacino)
dgoHn & Badun – VHS Copy 1979
Emperors New Clothes – Heading Out (Past Mendota Tower)
Prefuse 73 – The End of Air
Markey Funk – Eyes Closed
Kid Acne – Eat Right
Coast Contra – Scenario Freestyle (DJ Food Re-edit)
Primal Scream – Xterminator (DJ Food Re-edit)

Mixcloud Select 195: Openmind – That’s My Boy! Pt.2 (What Time Is It?) side A – Live Mixxx 26/05/1994

MS195 Openmind - That's My Boy! Pt.2 (What Time Is It?) side A - Live Mixxx 26:05:1994 tapeThat’s My Boy! was a trilogy of tapes I made whilst living in a house share in East Dulwich, they were given out to friends and neighbours around 30 years ago as my DJ career was just starting with Coldcut and Ninja Tune. Weirdly my old friend Jem Panufnik sent me a photo of his copy of this tape he’d found just a week after I’d digitised it (see below). There were three volumes of which this is the second and I was showcasing the tracks of the day whilst trying to find my style as the times shifted out of the ambient scene I had been playing in for the last few years. The first strands of what would become known as trip hop were mutating out of the hip hop, indie dance and acid jazz scenes and it was a fertile time for electronic music with Warp leading the pack with their Artificial Intelligence series. You can still hear the tendrils of the German kosmischer scene overlaid in places as well as the collaged soundscapes of the Orb and others of their ilk but this volume definitely ups the funk factor with cuts from the Beastie Boys’ then current Ill Communication album, the Ballistic Brothers vs the Eccentric Afros EPs and early Mo Wax and Ninja Tune releases.

There was definitely something in the air, the music was shifting and my hip hop knowledge from my first 80s forays into DJing was informing my tastes. Despite the late 80s tip into gangsterism which had soured some of the genre for me, I was still listening to hip hop via Max & Dave’s show on KISS FM alongside Coldcut, Colin Dale and Colin Faver’s more electronic-based shows and finding more interesting material coming out of the west coast. Even recently I’ve been finding hidden gems from the early 90s that never got past the promo stage or had limited releases but slipped between the cracks as they maybe didn’t hit the flavour of the day. The Prince Paul-produced Resident Alien album, Justin Warfield’s unreleased ‘Return To Planet 9’ and the recent reissue of Hard 2 Obtain’s ‘Ism & Blues’ all fit the early 90s overlooked rap bracket and are well worth tracking down.

Thats My Boy 2 Jem what time
This mix was probably done live on three decks and a basic CD player – the two Technics were used to mix beats and another old Panasonic belt drive deck for adding ambience with the CD reserved for more ambience of the occasional spoken word segment. The 4-channel mixer had a basic at best ‘echo’ function but this is mostly kept at bay as it was awful. You’ll hear bits of Sheila Chandra, Orbital, The Woodentops, Pulsation, Blue Pearl and more over these tracks as I was always layering and keeping to the chilled end of the beats. This was also the first time I’d used a Ken Nordine track, having been turned on to him by Mixmaster Morris the year before and then hunted down the Rhino Records compilation of Word Jazz they’d issued. There’s not too much you could call dance floor here, more of a head nodder for the smokers, something that would change on vol. 3 I seem to recall. Side B next week…

Side A Track list:
Material – Mantra (Praying Mantra mix)
La Funk Mob – Motor Bass Get Phunked Up
Saint Etienne – Like A Motorway (The Dust Brothers remix)
Unknown – unknown
DJ Toolz – Intercontinental
Beastie Boys – B-Boys Makin’ With The Freak Freak
Cypress Hill – Scooby Doo
Sheila Chandra – One
Unknown – unknown
Saint Etienne – Your Head My Voice (Voix Revirement)
The Woodentops – You Make Me Feel (Late Night Mix)
Ken Nordine – What Time Is It?

My second monthly Electrik Collage radio show debuts this afternoon: May 10th at 2pm wherever you are in the world on ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID

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Mixcloud Select 194: Solid Steel Birthday Beats 05/05/2003

MS194 Solid Steel Birthday Beats 05:05:2003 CDr
As it’s my birthday weekend this week I thought I’d save this one until (nearly) last. Either recorded or broadcast on my birthday 21 years ago (it’s not unusual for me to work on a birthday) it’s one of the bumper crop of mixes I recorded for Solid Steel in 2003, probably my most prolific year on the show. The Glitter Band stomp of The Timelords’ ‘Doctorin’ The Tardis’ was a no-brainer to put with Goldfrapp’s ‘Train’ so I started off with a mash up of the two by Lionel Vinyl before progressing into the original and then Ewan Pearson’s straighter 6/8 and 4/4 mixes which still manage to be funky. RSL’s ‘Wesley Music’ was such a jam, huge tune back in the day, I once played it at a party some years later and a woman started screaming when she heard the opening bars, we thought she was in trouble but she actually just loved it so much! Linda Lewis’ ‘I Keep A Wish’ came out on Riz Maslen Council Folk label, was an acoustic ballad which serves as a near acappella here and I’m doing something with it with the Numark CDJ FX I used at the time by the sounds of it.

The Nextmen make over Reno’s ‘Rock n Roll’ and do a nice pitch up trick from downtempo to UK Garage beats before The Baker Brothers who had a nice run of funk 45s on their own ARSE label around this time of which this was the third I think. This slides smoothly into The Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘Man With The Music Camera’ which was possibly preceding the album at this point. The script flips quickly into the Geezers of Nazareth, a weird little 7” which is listed as a mini-album on Discogs, containing seven tracks and apparently soundtracking the short film, ‘Pole’. I was never much of a Blur fan but their track ‘Out Of Time’ really resonated and later named Miranda Sawyer’s book about middle age which I can recommend once you get there. The spoken word about Marrakech I overlaid was because they used the Marrakech String Orchestra or something for the backing.
MS194 Solid Steel Birthday Beats 05:05:2003 PRS
Quite a change of mood and pace next with Kid 606’s remix of Amon Tobin’s ‘Verbal’ and then a sequence I would use often in my DJ sets around this time with Z-Trip’s mix of DJ Shadow / The D.O.C. / Nas all blended into a party-rocking mess. Actually a lot of this second half is something I would work into DJ sets in a myriad of variations over the 00’s, that Z-Trip mix was so useful as a mix tool. I think the Quantic Soul Orchestra mix of Sunshine Anderson’s ‘Heard It All Before’ was from one of the Tru Thoughts Rebtuz 12”s that were possibly not exactly legit but would arrive in the promo post of the day, this was from the first apparently. Frenchbloke & Son’s ‘Sound of da S-Club’ is one of THE best mash ups of the day – wrong-foots everyone when they first hear it but is so stupidly obvious you have to give it to them. For some reason I decided to add a bit of Neil Sedaka into the middle as the band were possibly breaking up at the time, pop showbiz gossip in the middle of a Solid Steel mix!

I used to do the Lisa Maffia/Lil Kim mix all the time, it required a pretty swift change of the record to get the acappella in on time and then switch from the instrumental to vocal version. Mr Guder was a funk combo with Dr Rubberfunk on drums who released a couple of 45s with breaks medleys – vol.1 and 3 but no vol.2. I recently asked the good Dr what happened to vol.2, did it come out and I miss it? Apparently not, they never finished it but he still has the tapes as well as sessions for vol.4 and 5! They sound pretty good too and he’s getting to finishing them soon… The Roots’ ‘Thought @ Work’ is one of those great pieces that can legitimately be filed under ‘old school hip hop’ despite being made in 2002 without violating the trades descriptions act. The band perfectly reimagine the old Bronx park breakbeat jams and I get busy with a copy of ‘Apache’ over the top, doubling up snares before running into Grandmaster Flash’s ‘rock steady’ cut up of the same for his Strut compilation. Another dose of the Quantic Soul Orchestra comes in the form of a vocal retake of their classic ’Super 8’ track and an Ochre edit-heavy mix of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’ plays us out. I’m constantly surprised at how much work I put into some of these mixes, lacing much of it with relevant spoken word clips sourced from Megatrip’s Soundbank CDs – that’s what happens before you have kids!

Track list:
Lionel Vinyl – Doctorin’ The Train
Goldfrapp – Train (original)
Goldfrapp – Train (Ewan Pearson 6/8 & 4/4 mixes)
RSL – Wesley Music
Linda Lewis – I Keep A Wish (Re-edit)
Reno – Rock ‘n’ Roll (The Nextmen – The Mines mix)
Baker Brothers – Aargh, Aargh, Aargh
The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With The Movie Camera
Geezers of Nazareth – Introducing the Pole
Blur – Out of Time
Amon Tobin – Verbal (Kid 606 remix)
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z-Trip Get The Party Off mix pts 1 & 2)
The D.O.C. – Portrait of a Masterpiece
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z-Trip Get The Party Off mix pt 3+bonus beats)
Nas – I Can (acappella)
Sunshine Anderson – Heard It All Before (Quantic Soul Orchestra mix)
Frenchbloke and Son – Sound of da S Club
Neil Sedaka – Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Lisa Maffia – All Over (acappella)
Lil’ Kim – The Jump Off (instrumental/Vocal)
Mr Guder – Mr Guder Breaks 3
The Roots – Thought @ Work
Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (Grandmaster Flash Rock Steady mix)
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Walking Through Tomorrow (Super 8 Pt 3)
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You (Ochre mix)

Mixcloud Select 193: Acappella’s Anonymous 24/11/2003

MS193 Acapellas Anonymous 24:11:2003 CDr
A classic smorgasbord of then-current releases and retro oddities laced with spoken word in the best Solid Steel style, opening with Dani Siciliano’s ‘Walk The Line’, co-produced with Matthew Herbert (we had her take on Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ from the same EP a few uploads ago). I can’t remember where the dialogue about drum machines and drummers was from or which band was doing the talking but it’s verging on Spinal Tap territory. Ricci Rucker was definitely one of the leading abstract turntablists around this time as his disjointed ‘Dirt’ shows, not one for the party rocking crowd. Unlike Yasuharu Konishi’s Lesson-like breaks cut up, ‘A Tribute to Simon Harris’ which came from a flexi disc – possibly from Relax magazine in Japan.

The tempo is all over the place and that was the common thread behind DJ Zinc’s album, Faster, the title track of which follows, steadily gaining speed as did each subsequent track on his LP. Zinc was always one of the most forward-thinking of the drum n bass producers, able to turn his hand to a myriad of styles. Again, I’m not sure the origin of the spoken word I’ve garnished the beats with but it sounds pretty cosmic. Mordant Music’s ‘Dark Side of the Autobahn’ mash up slips into the mix and I always wondered how he’d done this as he appears to have stems to a number of the elements, either that or there’s some very canny EQ-ing going on. Digital Midgets’ debut EP also heralded the Lost Idol remix of the title track by label-mate James Dean who is still going from strength to strength under the moniker.

MS193 Acapellas Anonymous 24:11:2003 PRS
‘Shining Pain’ is a fine bit of 90’s trip hop from 2003 ‘presented’ by St. Germain on the Warner Jazz label, Soel was a frequent collaborator with him and a trumpeter to boot. A slight change of pace from smooth jazz to electronic hip hop via Prefuse 73’s remix of Beans’ ‘Mutescreamer’ next before a slightly out of tune mix into Quantic’s excellent ‘Compartiment Tueurs’ remix from the incredible Cinemix album which saw a raft of producers remixing rare French soundtrack cuts by Morricone, Roubaix and Vannier/Gainsbourg. Compiled by old friend Fred Elalouf aka DJ Oof, this was rich with more hits than misses, something these projects can sometimes suffer from and it can still be had very cheaply for a triple vinyl LP. A super-rare John Rydgren flexi disc follows – possibly grabbed from the online 365 Days project curated by Otis Fodder on WFMU as I definitely don’t have a copy.

Moving on we get a Prop track remixed by Mice Parade that comes on like a Steve Reich piece before the Diverse/RJD2/Lyric Born rap banger that is ‘Explosive’ – on Chocolate Industries who were definitely putting out some of the most interested rap of the era. Some ropey scratching from me of Sly & Robbie’s ‘Boops’ instrumental provided the intro to the CJ Scratch version so I could float the a cappella of FYA’s cover – which works for the most part but it’s a bit busy with all the samples underneath. Then it’s rap throwdown time again as I cut up two copies of The Returner’s ‘Throwdown No.1’ under Obie Trice’s ‘Got Some Teeth’ a cappella. Immediately this trio is over Missy’s ‘Pass That Dutch’ a cappella is in with Keno 1 (aka Natural Self) and The Hermit’s ‘Heavy Heavy’ – must dig that 45 out again, so tough. The second half morphs into Luke Vibert’s ‘Yoseph’ for a bit of light acid and an odd tempo change into Diplo’s Big Dada debut ‘Epistimology Suite’ and the drum machine evangelists are back. Forss’ micro-edited ‘Flickermood’ from his Soulhack debut LP plays us out with a moment of calm, like a jazzier Akufen and with that, we’re done – phew!

Dani Siciliano – Walk The Line (Dani’s original mix)
Ricci Rucker – Dirt
Yasuharu Konishi – A Tribute To Simon Harris
Zinc – Faster
Dark Side of The Autobahn – Dark Side of The Autobahn
Digital Midgets – We Always Have Been (Lost Idol mix)
Soel – Shining Pain
Beans – Mutescreamer (Prefuse 73 remix)
Quantic – Compartiment Tueurs
John Rydgren – Unknown
Mice Parade/Prop – Remora (Free From The Shark remix)
Diverse feat. RJD2 & Lyrics Born – Explosive
Sly & Robbie – Boops (instrumental – CJ Scratch)
FYA – Boops (Acappella)
Return of the Returner – Throwdown No.1
Obie Trice – Got Some Teeth (Acappella)
Keno 1 & The Hermit – Heavy Heavy
Missy Elliot – Pass That Dutch (Acappella)
Luke Vibert – Yoseph
Diplodocus – Epistimology Suite (Don’t Fall/Like Cats)
Forss – Flickermood

Mixcloud Select 192: Coldcut Alien Sphinx – Strictly Kev section 16/09/1994

MS192 Coldcut Alien Sphinx on Solid Steel 16:09:1994 tape
*Apologies – I’ve been away on holiday and thought I’d posted this on Thursday night last week

An Alien Sphinx or sometimes Solid Sphinx was a 2 hour, ad-free show where we dispensed with any chat and just went heads down into the mix. I’m not sure why there were no ads (maybe advertising was lacking that week and you’d get less coverage at 1am in the morning?) but this seemed to happen a couple of times a year at KISS FM. Here’s my section from a 2 hour ‘rub’ as Matt would call it, where the four of us were present in the studio; Matt going first, then me, PC and Jon last I think – I can usually tell by the song selections or playing style. While one of us was playing the others would be slurping spoken word or ambient sounds over the top to pad out the mix, hence the busy nature of the sound field.

Kraftwerk spring out of the end of Air Liquide from Matt’s set to being mine and then into Coldcut’s own ‘Beats & Pieces’ B-side, ‘More Beats’ which gets a speed switch half way to up the tempo. Motorbass’ Ritchie Hawtin/Plastikman slow-burn remix slides in before the second Kraftwerk outing of ‘Home Computer’ which then has its own tempo switch in the second half. Drome’s ‘Hoax! What Did You Got?’ from the slept on Ninja album is riding that early drum and bass sound but with classical Indian overtones. Actually this was released on Ninja TONE, but confusion made the label retitle it Ntone – a sub-label for more electronic fair. Bedouin Ascent’s astonishing ‘Manganese In Deep Violet III’ from the Pavillion of the New Spirit EP is somehow mixed in by the skin of its teeth, one of the hardest tracks to mix ever. There’s a snatch of an unknown ambient dub cut, some War of the Worlds dialogue and then we finish with Mantonix’ ‘Get Stupid Pt.3’ which samples Art of Noise and Billy Cobham’s ‘Spectrum’ three years before Massive Attack would make it their own on ‘Safe From Harm’.

Track list:
Kraftwerk – Boing Boom Tschak
Coldcut – More Beats
La Funk Mob -Motor Bass Get Phunked Up (Electrofunk remix)
Kraftwerk – Home Computer
Drone – Hoax! What Did You Got?
Bedouin Ascent – Manganese In Deep Violet III
Unknown – unknown
Mantronix – Get Stupid (Pt.III)

My first monthly Electrik Collage radio show from April 12th is also now archived on ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID

Electrik Collage logo web
Show #1 April 2024 track list:

Coast Contra – Breathe + Stop Freestyle (DJ Food Edit)
Valentine Unlimited Orchestra – Take You Back
Resident Alien – It’s The Resident Alien
Your Old Droog & MF DOOM – Dropout Boogie
Resident Alien – Are You Ready
Tuff Crew – Soul Food
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – Ceci n’est pas un cliché
Edan – Real Bad Promo
Itsu Uno – Noise of the B-Boy
DJ Format – Beyond Disco
Edrix Puzzle – Lapetus
Jlin – Nyakinyua Rise
Rei Mitsui – Rekodoten Disuko
ScanOne – Serious Rhythm
Rei Mitsui – Kotozuke/Owaru
Clesse – Gehm
Raj Pannu – Elements
Beans – Pendulum
The Stone Roses – Begging You (Lakota Mix DJ Food Edit)
Emperors New Clothes – Boogie Electric
Planet Battagon – Endeavour Tugg Luke
Raj Pannu – The Heat
Prefuse 73 – Forever Chase (Scene One)
Patrick Carpenter – 27 Degrees of Sagittarius
Markey Funk – Five Minutes
Nevermen – Treat ‘Em Right (Boards Of Canada Remix – Instrumental + chorus re-edit)
The Luvmenauts – ’71 Shuttle
DJ Fingers – Pelham

Electrik Collage show #1 archived

Electrik Collage logo web
My first monthly Electrik Collage radio show from April 12th is also now archived on ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID
I think the app has a few bugs, bear with it, it does work but it’s all very new.

ROVR schedule
Here’s the track list if you’re interested:
Show #1 April 2024

Coast Contra – Breathe + Stop Freestyle (DJ Food Edit)
Valentine Unlimited Orchestra – Take You Back
Resident Alien – It’s the Resident Alien
Your Old Droog & MF DOOM – Dropout Boogie
Resident Alien – Are You Ready
Tuff Crew – Soul Food
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – Ceci n’est pas un cliché
Edan – Real Bad Promo
Itsu Uno – Noise of the B-Boy
DJ Format – Beyond Disco
Edrix Puzzle – Lapetus
Jlin – Nyakinyua Rise
Rei Mitsui – Rekodoten Disuko
ScanOne – Serious Rhythm
Rei Mitsui – Kotozuke/Owaru
Clesse – Gehm
Raj Pannu – Elements
Beans – Pendulum
The Stone Roses – Begging You (Lakota Mix DJ Food Edit)
Emperors New Clothes – Boogie Electric
Planet Battagon – Endeavour Tugg Luke
Raj Pannu – The Heat
Prefuse 73 – Forever Chase (Scene One)
Patrick Carpenter – 27 Degrees of Sagittarius
Markey Funk – Five Minutes
Nevermen – Treat Em Right (Boards Of Canada Remix – Instrumental + chorus red-edit)
The Luvmenauts – ’71 Shuttle
DJ Fingers – Pelham

Mixcloud Select 191: Disc Covered 15/04/2003

MS191 Disc Covered 15:04:2003 CDR
A short half hour this week consisting of cover versions or mash ups. Opening with two versions of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by The Bad Plus and Tori Amos – superimposed over each other with a splash of the original at the end. The Evolution Control Committee take a brief walk on the moon with a cluster of pitch-shifted Beach Boys’ harmonies before we get another Nirvana take, this time from Dani Siciliano in a jazz style, it seems the Seattle trio’s music lends itself to the genre nicely. I’ve always thought Pendulum’s ‘Another Planet’ could be done in a firey jazz style with a Coltrane sax blast replacing the synths but that’s one for another time.

Vicki Bennet aka People Like Us stretches and splices The Carpenters into oblivion on ‘When I Was Young’ while the Roy Merriweather Trio take on the tune which most Brits will know as the theme to Film (insert year here) with Barry Norman. It’s actually ‘I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free’ from the Jesus Christ Superstar Goes Jazz album which annoyingly doesn’t have a version of ‘Heaven On Their Minds’ but does include ‘McArthur Park’ (!?). The Quantic Soul Orchestra’s ‘Hold It Down’ (featuring an early vocal from Alice Russell) is an original and then we’re into the home stretch with Max Tundra’s take on Wings’ ‘Coming Up’ and Frenchbloke & Son’s mash up of the same with Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ which both up the electro quota and bounce to the finish line. The final skit comes from one of Si Begg’s Noodles comps where a phone prankster plays Arnold Schwarzenegger samples down the line to a hapless employee. A short and slightly silly half an hour that I enjoyed revisiting even if it’s not a classic.
MS191 Disc Covered 15:04:2003 PRS

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ROVR schedule

Track list:
The Bad Plus – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Tori Amos – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Evolution Control Committee – Walk on the Moon
Dani Siciliano – Come As You Are
People Like Us – When I Was Young
Roy Meriwether Trio – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Hold It Down
Max Tundra – Coming Up
Frenchbloke & Son – My Name Keeps On Coming Up

Electrik Collage on ROVR radio

ROVR schedule
Friday 12th April sees the start of my new monthly show on ROVR Radio – streaming 2pm-4pm wherever you are in the world. Electrik Collage will be 2 hours of music culled from my current DJ sets and listening choices with a bit of older material thrown in as well but I’m going to try and keep the balance to newer music as there’s so much out there. The station has a great line up of selectors and you can stream it live from your desktop or access archived shows via the phone app which is free to download. No ads, no playlists, no algorithms, no chat, just music.
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ROVR line up

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Mixcloud Select 190: DJ Food & DK – Solid Steel Summer Special 07/09/2005

MS190 CDr
As we approach the 200th upload from the archive I’ve decided that I’m going to finish on that round number and end what has become four years of weekly posts as the collection is nearly complete. The DATs were done long ago, there are only three CDrs left in the book and after about 2007 things started appearing online on Soundcloud, servers and such as internet streaming got better so should prove easy to find. There are still a few tapes left to be done but I’m down to a handful now and I think it’s time to move on, stop looking back and start looking forward.

One thing I realised when I started encoding all these mixes during the first lockdown was how evocative of their time they were and how many memories flooded back listening to them – good memories, often great memories. But as time passed I also found that I wasn’t making the equivalent for today so that in 20 or hopefully 30 years time I could be doing the same thing. I’ve not had a regular radio show for sometime now, my contributions to Solid Steel fluctuating after about 2014 until my final one as the show closed in 2019. I’ve done an annual 45 Live mix since 2015 and I featured a bit here and there on the Out Of The Wood radio show, run by Pete Williams from the Book & Record Bar in West Norwood since 2016 up until the pandemic with the odd show occasionally since but nothing regular.


That’s about to change in 2024 as I’m ready for a new venture and concentrating on more new music than old. I don’t want to get stuck in a nostalgia loop so from Friday April 12th I will be starting a monthly 2 hour show called Electric Collage on the new online ROVR radio station. Each show will be a collection of what I’m listening to and playing out in my DJ sets, including exclusive edits I make for sets or my own amusement. ROVR has assembled a huge roster of DJs who will have 2 hour shows rolling 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week at the same time internationally. My show will be Friday 2pm-4pm no matter where you are in the world. The station can be listened to on a desktop or streamed from their phone app, it’s free, there are no ads, no presenters and no algorithms, just music. Each show will be track listed and archives will be accessible via the phone app. Download it here. (MAC) or (ANDROID)

This is something new, both as a station and for me and I’m excited to be among so many great names and to have a platform for a monthly dig and a chunk of music to signpost the times. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the station develops and what I can bring to it each month. Trevor Jackson has designed the look and the app is easy to use and navigate. The first show drops next week but I’ll continue this Mixcloud Select for another 10 weeks until we hit 200 and then leave it open for subscribers to access. I expect a few will stop their subscription and that’s fine, the work is done, the main mission was to digitise my archive and put it online, everything will still be accessible to those paying. Maybe a way down the road I’ll start making some available to all, right now I’m looking forward, not back. Which inevitably brings us to this week’s upload…

This is a set that I think DK and I did on 4 decks for some sort of Solid Steel summer special gig but I forget where it was – it wasn’t the boat party as that was the year before. You can hear sections that would later appear in our Now, Listen Again and the later Now, Look & Listen AV mixes and I have to say, we’re on fire in places. This is a pure dance set, packed with classics and acappellas all over the place, we did some great sets together in the decade we were DJ partners touring the world and saw some great things. This is a dry desk recording with no crowd noise but I can assure you they were making noise during this set – a proper festival set.

The rave era classics in the middle were DK’s idea and I credit him with reuniting my love of that era with this set as not too many of our crowd were looking back to that time in the mid 00’s. That three way mix of ‘Pacific State’ / ‘Din Daa Daa’ / ‘Devil Inside’ is quite the slow burn build with a drop to pay off. I love all the little musical connections – NERD into Jungle Bros into Todd Terry and the way the Stetsasonic acapella makes a reappearance only to be staggered into the Max Sedgley tune. The ‘Organ Donor’ slow down part sounds like it was done using a CDJ but the rest of this should be vinyl as I didn’t go over to Serato until early 2006. The Danny Tenaglia mix of The Orb’s ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ was a big tune at the time and the end extension here with the Ambient mix and parts of ‘Earth’ is possibly an edit for radio as I can’t imagine us ending the set like this.

Unknown – Solid Steel intro
Bob Dorough – Three Is the Magic Number
Double Dee & Steinski – Lesson 3
De La Soul – The Magic Number
Cozy Powell – Dance With the Devil
Stetsasonic – Talking All That jazz (clapappella)
DJ Format – You Hear That?
Ram Jam – Black Betty
Jonny Jones and the King Casuals – Purple Haze
Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World (accapella)
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z Trip Bonus Beat)
Primal Scream – Revenge of the Hammond Connection
Jimmy Bo Horne – Spank
Apathy – It Takes A Seven Nation Army…
NERD – She Wants To Move (Native Tongues remix)
Jungles Brothers – I’ll House You
Doug Lazy – Let It Roll (a cappella)
Royal House – Can You Party?
The Jacksons – Can You Feel It (Opening)
Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House
Missy Elliot – Lose Control
Luke Vibert – Homewerk
808 State – Pacific State
George Kranz – Din Daa Daa (Dub version)
Max Sedgley – Devil inside
Stetsasonic – Talking All That jazz (clapappella)
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z Trip Get The Party Off mix)
DJ Shadow – Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)
Area Code 615 – Stone Fox Chase
Cut Chemist – A Peek In Time
The Chemical Brothers – The Boxer
Jay Z – I Just Wanna Love U
Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier – Psyche Rock
Coldcut – More Beats
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Danny Tenaglia mix)
The Orb – Earth (Gaia) (intro)
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Ambient mix mk 1)

Mixcloud Select 189: Strictly Session A/B – Bundy/Stanley 27/04/1998

MS189 TapeA Solid Steel set from nearly 26 years ago – wow, haven’t heard this one in ages. I think this was recorded in Coldcut’s Ahead Of Our Time studio at Clink St with PC on the desk at points adding FX and samples. Kicking off with the Ninth World jingle (read by Matt Black’s dad no less) and straight into jazz abstraction via Barre Philips on ECM. We were touring Europe a lot around the late 90s and finding cheap jazz record on labels like ECM was easy, they were everywhere and you could buy them virtually blind and guarantee that a record within a certain timeframe made by certain players would contain something good to sample or play out. Barre Philips, Eberhard Weber and John Abercrombie were names I would always look for. Stanley Clarke’s ‘Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra’ came on my radar from the sample Shadow used at the end of the Headz version of ‘In/Flux’ – took a while to figure out who it was and what album (only just getting the internet) but found a copy in Montreal finally. Directions’ ‘Echoes’ gets another airing, that’s three so far I think, I was truly enamoured with Bundy K Brown’s approach to music (still am) and we would soon collaborate on what became the opening track of the Kaleidoscope album.

Part 2 aka Keith Hopewell’s first solo release was on DJ Vadim’s Jazz Fudge label and I put the sleeve together from drawings he sent me. This short track bridges into KRS 1’s mega anthem ‘Step Into A World’ which references Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ and The Mowhawks’ ‘The Champ’ so it would be rude not to slip that in after, right? Part 2’s back again with New Flesh 4 Old bandmate Toastie Taylor on vocals and then into another old favourite, the Human League’s ‘Being Boiled’ although I think I took my eye off the mix there. Water Melon end the first side with their take on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’ from the Pussyfoot Fish Smells Like Cat compilation – I really loved Water Melon but so many of their records are only available in Japan and now cost loads to ship over. Weirdly there’s a Radio One jingle at the end of this set and then John Peel comes in, sounding like he’s starting his show – I’ve no idea of we did a mix for Radio 1 around this time but it’s possible and this was a short half hour-ish set so maybe. Anyone in the UK remember such a thing?

On to side 2 of the tape and Neotropic’s Taking of Pelham 123 and Dirty Harry-sampling ‘Apple Sauce’ blasts in, from her Mr Brubaker’s Strawberry Alarm Clock album – you wouldn’t get away with samples like that these days! Then it’s a couple of unknown DnB tracks (anyone?) and the brutal drums of Tom Jenkinson’s ‘Vogon & I’ from the Alt. Frequencies single on Worm Interface. This had a colour in cover and was designed by my good friend David Vallade who worked at Ambient Soho (which housed the Worm Interface label), some copies also came with colouring crayons glued to the sleeve. The madcap Sukia are here with a mix of ‘The Dream Machine’ from the original Nicklebag records release before it got licensed to MoWax. Keeping on the (ch)easy listening tip the ‘Independent Introduction’ to Fink’s first album sounds nothing like the acoustic singer/songwriter we know today, his first album being a full on trip hop mixed bag for Ntone before he changed tack and became the superstar he is today.

A quick blast of DJ Vadim’s vocal looping ‘The 5 Conquistadors’ and I can hear Kid Koala and A-Cyde in there for sure amongst the voices and I may even be in there myself as Vadim would record us constantly on tour and then pitch stuff up and down. A track I most definitely am on though is Squarepusher’s ‘Fat Controller’; listen to the bass solo breakdown in the middle with a blast from ‘Feelin’ James’ before it gets scratched into Trouble Funk’s ‘Pump Me Up’, that whole middle section is sampled from the jam Tom and I did on Solid Steel when he came in for his guest session. After a rocky attempt to mix in DJ Vadim’s ‘The Pimp Theme 126’ with Tom’s clattering beats I wisely pull it back and wait before finishing with this uncharacteristically uptempo breaks cut up which used to get plenty of play back in the day. And with that, we’re out in a swirl of vinyl dirt and delay.

Coldcut – The Ninth World jingle
Barre Philips – Mountainscape 6
Stanley Clarke – Part II (Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra)
Directions – Echoes (Continental Drift Version)
Part 2 – Rectangular Depression
KRS One – Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight)
The Mohawks – The Champ
Part 2 – Automatic (feat. Toast Taylor)
Human League – Being Boiled
Water Melon – Albatross
Neotropic – Apple Sauce
Unknown – unknown
Unknown – unknown
Tom Jenkinson – Vogon & I
Sukia – The Dream Machine (Westside Freeride)
Fink – Independent Introduction
DJ Vadim – The 5 Conquistadors
Squarepusher – Fat Controller
DJ Vadim – The Pimp Theme 126

Mixcloud Select 188: Stuff & Nonsense 15/03/2004

MS188 CDr
This hour is a bit of an unruly mess in places, a real hodge hodge of styles that, while mixing in tempo, certainly don’t all mix in key – Stuff & Nonsense indeed. I have to apologise for the mash up of ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Pinball Number Count’ that kicks this off because, whilst it does kind of work with the odd time signature, it’s annoyingly out of tune, something I couldn’t hear at the time I made it. Much better is the Columbus remix of Alicia Key’s ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ using the Burning Spear track of the same name as a backing track. No idea who made it but it appeared on a 45 around this time and stayed in my record box for years. Zinc’s ‘Casa De La Musica’ is from his Faster album, love the way the off-beat pops over Alicia, and Toolshed’s take on Morricone’s theme from the Exorcist 3 was the B side of their only release on Toolshed Recordings. Loo & Placido were a drummer and bassist from different French bands (allegedly) who appeared for a couple of years in the mid-00s but amazingly still have an online presence at https://www.loo-placido.com/ – they were always a cut above a lot of the people doing mash ups I thought. ‘Work In Progress’ is from their first album – Mash Up The Tops – and adds a reggae skank to Beyonce’s hit from the Austin Powers film.

Zinga’s ‘Evil Eye’ seems to be their only release and the third and final one for OffDaWallMusic, I thought it had a catchy pop hook at the time and found some spoken word about ‘the evil eye’ and hypnotism to add to it. Skalpel’s ’1958’ got licensed to a yoghurt commercial back in the day I seem to remember and, whereas even 5 years before this would have been heresy, any notion of ‘selling out’ had long since evaporated within most of the electronic community by the mid 00’s. As the music industry started to go down the pan due to illegal downloads, any means of attracting extra revenue to shore up plummeting physical sales was a blessing. Skalpel, to me, were the last of the Ninja artists mining the older sounds of the original 90s version of the label, this couldn’t last as samples would become too problematic as the label grew. The original players on the ‘Are You Being Served?’ theme are still a mystery to me but DK and I were obsessed with it and ended up licensing the film version heard here for our Now, Listen Again mix a few years later. I’d forgotten I’d actually played the whole thing over the middle of Skalpel, thus giving it a kind of DnB makeover.

Squarepusher’s ’50 Cycles’ sees him exploring his own vocals, largely unprocessed and I think the Peter Cook dialogue in the middle comes from a promo for Godley & Creme’s ‘Consequences’ album but don’t quote me. Def Harmonic made four albums but never seemed to hit, not sure why as their brand of hip hop was melodic and intelligent. The Tiki Two mix an Ella Fitzgerald version of the old classic with some downtempo Latin breaks and I remember being given this 45 by one of the two guys responsible when he was in London from his homeland of Australia. Four Tet’s remix of Jef Gilson is taken from the Tribute To… 12” he shared with MATO that spearheaded a rediscovery of the French pianist and arranger. More French jazz from Troublemakers – spun from a one-sided 10” on Blue Note. And now more Four Tet, this time remixed by Jay Dee aka Dilla for his ‘Serious’ single and Jazi P3z’s ‘Petaco 2004’ slides in perfectly after it – at last a mix in tune at least. 8-bit video game FX mix with Latin rhythms as if they were made for each other. G Form’s ‘From The Block’ rather ruins the mood with a Northern acoustic take on Jennifer Lopez’s hit. It was taken from Cassette Boy vs DJ Rubbish’s mix album ‘Inside A Whale’s Cock Vol.1’ (I don’t think there was a follow up) and bizarrely I finally met one of the Cassette Boy duo last week as we were both giving a talk at Industry Week in Nottingham. Their talk turned into part stage invasion, part gig with a cut up of Alan Sugar which never made it to the internet that had me crying with laughter. Funny how things work out 20 years down the line.

Flexus – Pinball Ya Ya
Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name (Columbus remix)
Zinc – Casa De la Musica
Toolshed – Pazuzu
Loo & Placido – Work In Progress
Zinga – Evil Eye (Capp-O D mix)
Skalpel – 1958 (Skalpel remix)
Unknown – Are You Being Served (film version)
Squarepusher – 50 Cycles
Def Harmonic – Villain
Tiki Two – Caravan
Jef Gilson – Fable of Gutemberg (Four Tet remix)
Troublemakers – Every Day is an Extension of Yesterday
Four Tet – Serious (Jay Dee remix)
Javi P3z – Petaco 2004
G Form – From The Block

Mixcloud Select 187: May Bank Holiday mix 20/06/2005

MS187 CDr
Banging in with Doubleclick’s entry to the Solid Steel intro competition – we had so many entries – he went on to work with Amon Tobin later on in the early incarnation of Two Fingers. San Diego’s DJ Riko’s P Funked-Up remix of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Daft Punk Is…’ is a brilliant execution of the idea with extra female vocals to push the point home. Riko was a late-comer to the mash up craze but definitely did some memorable entries, probably best known for his ‘Whistler’s Delight’ release. Phil N’ Dog’s ‘Phat Pants’, best known for their huge ‘Doctor Pressure’ mash up, they follow it up by taking Leftfield’s ‘Phat Planet’ and Orbital’s ‘Acid Pants’ where Sparks’ Russel Mael intones “when the love track starts then the fun starts” over and over. It’s a banger but I don’t know if it came out, Phil – who today still drives his replica American police car, painted to resemble the KLF’s Ford Timelord – probably gave me a CDr with this on it. *Phil remembers: “I think I gave you the CD at Cargo if I remember correctly. No it never really came out as such. Eddy used to play it on XFM and Annie Mac on Radio 1, both from CDR’s I gave them but no vinyl pressings or anything more official were made.” Freddy Fresh comes with the first of three tracks from his Accidentally Classic album, did you know Freddy has made 26 albums over a 32 years career so far?

Another LCD mash-up pits their ‘Disco Infiltrator’ against the Star Wars Cantina Band – I’d forgotten this one, should have dug it out when I did the SW Secret Cinema. DJ Godzilla was responsible but I can’t find any release so this was probably an online download during those Wild West years of file-sharing. More Freddy Fresh with the B12-ish electro of ‘Random’ and then something that rung no bells until I googled it – Mikrosopht ‘Here Today’. Originating from a British online mash-up compilation ‘Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds’ which appeared at Hippocamp.net, this ambient patchwork of Beach Boys vocals and voices floats through the ether as an extraordinary example of this kind of audio collage. A similar approach was taken years later by Atticus Ross on the soundtrack for the Brian Wilson biopic, Love & Mercy. It’s the perfect bed for the extremely long build for the next track which takes up the middle section of the mix.
Autechre’s remix of Seefeel’s ‘Spangle’ from the mid 90’s was a classic in my mind the minute I heard it, despite not being released at the time for reasons unknown. I’d tried to get it on our Blech mix in some shape or form but Warp wouldn’t let us have it so I was pleased when Mark Clifford later independently released all 12.15 mins of it on his Polyfusia Records. It’s the ultimate slow burn builder from Sean and Rob and Warp later digitally released it in 2021. The next track by Hood definitely had me scratching my head – no recollection at all – but apparently they were a UK-based post rock band from Leeds, signed to Domino for the first half of the 00’s before going on hiatus. ‘Over The Land Over The Sea’ appeared on one of their last singles and pre-empts the final Freddy Fresh track of the set, the sparse electro of ‘I Go Around the World’. I don’t remember him being this electronic but he’s been all over the map in his career so it should come as no surprise. The final track comes from Bola’s fourth LP, ‘Gnayse’ (Bola-Gnayse – geddit?), the sublimely laid back sounds of Darrell Fitton on Skam overlaid with a bit of Blade Runner dialogue.

Track list:
Doubleclick – Solid Steel intro
DJ Riko – P Funk is Playing In My House
Phil ‘n’ Dog – Phat Pants
Freddy Fresh – Do You Hear It?
DJ Godzilla – Cantina Inflitrator
Freddy Fresh – Random
Mikrosopht – Here Today
Seefeel – Spangle (Autechre remix)
Hood – Over The Land Over The Sea
Freddy Fresh – I Go Around The World
Bola – Effanajor

Mixcloud Select 186: The Ones That Got Away in 2002 05/01/2003

MS186 CDr
Opening with a phone message from DK asking me to whip up a mix as he was stuck in Mexico we have a round up of stragglers from 20002. DK always seemed to be jet-setting around the globe back in the day, he’d go off for a few weeks here and there on ‘business’ and then be back only to jet off on tour again. Anyway, opening with one of two comedy skits based on Ja Rule’s then ubiquitous features on pop or rap records by an unknown comedian, these were probably downloaded from the web in those heady early days when the entire world of music seemed to be up for grabs on the feeblest of internet connections. A web search reveals that they were made by someone named David Brody for radio station Z100 NY and apparently later turned up on a 50 Cent mixtape without permission. ‘White Love’ was probably my best mash up and one I regularly played out for years to general approval from the dance floor – a ‘White Lines’ / ‘Like I Love You’ combo that just works, here in an extended form. The Splinter Group was another appearance by DK alongside old Ninja mucker Dean Smith in a one-off single that was an off-shoot from another project (splinter-geddit?).

Freeform’s ‘The Hallaboink’ was the b-side of a 7” on Skam and another Mancunian connection, Andy Votel, follows with his ‘Komedahead’ single which still gets an airing sometimes. More mash-ups with Frenchbloke and Son’s Kraftwerk/Right Said Fred collision that really shouldn’t work but does something neither could do in isolation – hence it joining the ranks of the very best of the genre. I had to look up where Luke Vibert’s ‘Feel Real Mad’ came from because it doesn’t appear on any album from that time, debuting at it did on the first Law & Auder release; a 3-track 12” also featuring Muslimgauze and Bedouin Ascent called ‘High Density 01’. Law & Auder was an interesting label that kind of caught the fall out from the demise of Rising High records for a bit, continuing to put out interesting compilations of leftfield electronic music including what must be one of the first all-female comps in 2011 which in itself was compiled 10 years before.

A prime bit of electro breakbeat from Polar next on the Certificate 18 label, straying away from DnB into other territories and then the Kid Koala-esque cut-up of Jack Planck with a mix which was in time but shouldn’t have been attempted with the swing it had on it. This was another alias of Jackknife Lee that appeared on an odd 7” on Rodeo Meat who released all sorts of oddities before being picked up by One Little Indian for a full album later on. A left turn into screeching organ funk with the Apparat Organ Quartet on David Holmes’ short-lived 13 Amp label with a car crash end mix as the former track wigs out just in time for the beat from Chief Xcel to drop. Xcel’s track mixes ‘Dear Prudence’ strings with a political message and played out the ‘Constant Elevation’ compilation on Astralwerks and here slides simply into ‘Charlie’s Theme’ from Jimi Entley Sound – an Adrian Utley / Geoff Barrow collaboration with a cover of ‘Apache’ on the flip. This now goes for silly money, hope I still have my copy.

Ja Rule is back! The second skit of Ja Ruling the cover version market mixes over the uptempo section of the former track before morphing into the frantic Busdriver ‘Imaginary Places’ where I get very scratch-happy, sorry about that. Seriously though, this track (without my scratching) is amazing, although the origin of the flute sample is alluding me right now. If only more rap was as forward-thinking as this – I was very happy to see him signed to Big Dada for three albums later on. John Kennedy’s superb remix of Aim’s ‘The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice’ is a bit of a lost classic although it doesn’t help that I’m mixing out-of-tune horns over the end of it from Jadell’s ‘To Morning’. My ear for tuning definitely wasn’t what it is now back then, there’s some wince-making moments on some of these mixes, of course, a lot of it was on the fly so sometimes you didn’t know until it was too late. Proper good soundtrack business from Jadell here with a bit of Burroughs slung over the top, this was one of the last things he did it seems, not seen him for years now.

Apologies for the rough mix into the Roots Manuva remix of The Free Association, that really was wonky but I used to love these dubs Rodney did, loose as you like, nice tempo switch up in the middle there too. Mr. Guder (featuring Dr. Rubberfunk on drums) crash in with a raw version of Herbie’s ‘Chameleon’ from Super Guder Breaks vol.1. Otto Von Schirach released a lot of his early material on Schematic out of Miami but this little number comes from a pink 7” on Imputor? (yes the ? is part of the label name) from Seattle, check their label profile on Discogs for a mission statement https://www.discogs.com/label/3497-Imputor?sort=year&sort_order=asc
Mr Dan (aka Dan Carey) plays us out with the excellent ‘Together’ which shows off his pop credentials despite being a electronic beat-fest – he’d be co-writing and producing Kylie’s ‘Slow’ that same year – and we end with another phone message from DK.

Track list:
Unknown – Ja Rule Diss
Flexus – White Love
The Splinter Group – Meaning of Life
Freeform – The Hallaboink
Andy Votel – Komedahead
Frenchbloke & Son – I’m Too Sexy to Be a Model
Luke Vibert – Feel Real Mad
Polar – Lectric
Jack Planck – 1974 Square Dance Documentary In Sound
Apparat Organ Quartet – Romantika (Live)
Chief Xcel – Multitude
Jimi Entley Sound – Charlie’s Theme
Unknown – Ja Rule Diss 2
Busdriver – Imaginary Places
Aim – The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice (John Kennedy remix)
Jadell – To Morning
The Free Association – (I Wish I Had A) Wooden Heart (Roots Manuva remix/Dub)
Mr. Guder – Chameleon
Otto Von Schirach & Sindri – Sduisant Lollipop
Mr Dan – Together

Mixcloud Select 185: Strictly Kev HMV in-store radio, London 18/09/2000

DJFoodMixcloudSelect 185
Jonathan More of Coldcut has been busily digitising CDr’s and mini discs from his collection and sent me this the other day. I don’t have a copy and had forgotten I’d even done it to be honest. Played as an in-store radio set at the flagship HMV shop in London’s West End around the time of the Ninja Tune 10th birthday compilation XEN Cuts release, hence the contents being solely made up of Ninja, Ntone and Big Dada releases. I used my set on the ensuing tour as a showcase for the new comp and recent favourites and keen-eared listeners will hear that there’s a whole middle chunk that mirrors an earlier upload – Xen Tour Pt.1 – posted 3 years back now. I was possibly still working out some kinks in this selection but also book-ending the set with some more laid back fair as it was playing out to shoppers at the time.

I’m not sure I need to do a track by track analysis of this lot, most of it dates from around 2000 with a few classics from the mid 90s thrown in too. There’s a ton of Solesides/Quannum material at the end which dates from the big retrospective box set that Ninja put out in 2000 and the final track is a remix PC and I did which never got a release when it was made because the band split up. I was a big fan of Sukia who had a single album on Nickelbag Records/MoWax before turning into DJ Me DJ You. Jeff Waye – head of the North American arm of Ninja at the time – had an in with the band and I asked if we could remix their hilarious track, ‘Feel’n Free’.

The two main components of the original, aside from the female vocal, were an intermittent buzzer that would sound before a voice breathlessly uttered ‘spank me!’ which would have Jeff and I rolling on the floor. They duly sent us the stems, can’t remember if we ever got paid or if it was a swap, and Patrick gamely got to work. The whole song was so stupid we decided to insert Butthead in instead of the buzzer a couple of times yet Patrick is incapable of making music which isn’t beautiful so we ended up with gorgeous strings and a ridiculous beat amongst the silliness, This was very much a part of the sessions that made Kaleidoscope but loosening things up and bringing that comic side of Ninja out again. Anyway, between us making this and the XEN compilation coming out, Sukia changed names and labels so there was nowhere for the track to go, but the deluxe version of the comp had a ‘Missed, Flipped & Skipped’ section of unreleased or overlooked tracks from the catalogue. We worked it out with the band so that we’d get a co-credit and retitled ‘Feel’n Free’ to ‘Feel’n You & Me’ as a nod to their new moniker.

Track list:
Steinski – The Xen To One Ratio
The Cinematic Orchestra – Ode To The Big Sea (Four Tet remix)
DJ Food – …You
Luke Vibert – I Hear The Drummer
Roots Manuva – Wisdom Fall
The Herbaliser – Mr Chombee Has The Flaw
The Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite
Mr Scruff – Fish
Neotropic – 15 Levels
Dynamic Syncopation – Bahian B-Boy
Up, Bustle & Out – Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill
Cabbage Boy – Planet
Amon Tobin – Sordid
The Herbaliser – Mrs Chombee (DJ Food remix)
Funki Porcini – Let’s See What Carmen Can Do
Mr Scruff – Ug
DJ Vadim – The Terrorist (acappella)
DJ Food – Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ remix)
DJ Shadow & The Grooverobbers – Hardcore Instrumental Hip Hop
Quantum – Blue Flames
DJ Shadow & The Grooverobbers – Hardcore Instrumental Hip Hop
Latyrx – Say That
Amon Tobin – 4 Ton Mantis
Saul Williams – Elohim
Dynamic Syncopation feat. Mass Influence – 2 The Left
9 Lazy 9 – Electric Lazyland
Roots Manuva – Fever
Animals On Wheels – Build A Church With Your Fear
Sukia vs DJ Food – Feel’n You & Me

Mixcloud Select 184: Openmind vs The Black Bitch 10/06/1995

MS184 tape
The second half of a tape from a show shared with Julia aka the Black Bitch, an excellent techno and electronic DJ who featured on Solid Steel a few times during the 90s. This is just my set, a busy half hour that jumps all over the place stylistically and kicks off with Scotland’s DJ Krash Slaughta featuring II Tone Committee and Killa Instinct. A dynamite slice up uptempo hip hop at a time when the faster Britcore styles had largely faded from the scene. Turntablist Krash Slaughta was a DMC finalist and absolutely slays on the cuts before Brian Eno’s ‘Fractal Zoom’ attempts to enter the mix but I obviously thought better of it during the manic cut-fest and opted for the more minimal St. Germain with ‘Sentimental Mood’ from the Boulevard series of 12”s. These three singles on F Communications were huge at the time, combining jazz with a heavily swung minimal house groove and still hold up.

Kushti’s UR Allstars was the second release on the short-living Octopus label and brings back lots of happy memories, there’s also a snatch of a DJ Toolz track in there too which I can’t identify. Toolz was an alias of Jazzy Jason, also part of the legendary Blapps posse, London Funk Allstars and Mad Doctor X, the four volumes he released on Ninja Tune in the early 90s were akin to the DJ Food Jazz Brakes both in style and sleeve design. Alpha Proxima’s immense ‘459 – / z’ is sadly truncated in this recording because the tape ended and had to be turned over so some is missing. The track resumes just as Autechre’s excellent remix of Scorn’s ‘Falling’ enters – another one of their classic mid 90s remixes that’s worth tracking down.

Sounds of Life was a collaboration between Photek and Source Direct’s Jim Baker and we hear their ‘Release The Bells’ here mixed in on 33rpm rather than its intended 45, I used to like a lot of my DnB on the wrong speed back then. Some Christian Marclay plunderphonics interjects far too soon and we’re treated to turntablism from the avant garde side of the tracks long before the word had been invented, this live improvisation dating from the 80s. DJ Krush’s ‘A Whim’ plays us out, a single from his Strictly Turntablized album which also birthed an excellent Alex Reece remix on 12” and two mixes by Roni Size and DJ Krust on 10” as I recall.

Track list:
DJ Krash Slaughta – Broken Needles Blown Mics
St.Germain – Sentimental Mood
Kushti – UR Allstars
DJ Tools 4 – ?
Alpha Proxima – 459 – / z
Scorn – Falling (Autechre FR 13 mix)
Sounds of Life – Release The Bells
Christian Marclay – Pandora’s Box
DJ Krush – A Whim