Electrik Collage show #4

Oh happy day! My monthly radio show continues, the next episode streams today at 2pm-4pm, Friday July 5th wherever you are in the world. Featuring bits and pieces from the in-box, recent buying trips whilst trying to keep a good portion of it current or new. There’s a huge chunk of music from the Cheeba Cheeba Record label – is this the new trip hop? 2econd Class Citizen, Vanishing Twin, Pye Corner Audio, Suzi Analogue and tons more over the two hours. There’s also an intriguing KLF re-edit from Frenchbloke which gives ‘What Time Is Love’ a different feel plus a killer post-rave tune from The Joy that I dug up from the early 90s.
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Show #4 tracklist July 2024

DJ Food – Electric Collage #40
T the Human – Tune In
Suzi Analogue – Like GoGo ft. NappyNappa
2econd Class Citizen – Return To Yesterday
Bugseed – Macaroni
Kuja – Stoned Days ft. Bugseed
Deadchannel 9000 – Overload
DJ Food – Electric Collage #23
2econd Class Citizen – Know Less
Bugseed – Crystal Morning pt.2
Dokbrass – Labour of Love
Vanishing Twin – Afternoon X
Dr.Doppler – 10 00.dibz
Chilla Ninja – I revolve around science
Emperors New Clothes – Twister
Vanishing Twin – Marbles
Shankar Family & Friends – Lust
DJ Nio – Es Campur
DJ Food – Electric Collage #2
The Joy – Shine (Hyperphoria Mix)
Pye Corner Audio – On the Clock
The KLF – What Time is Love (Pure Trance) (Frenchbloke in 8T version)
Suzi Analogue – Watch Me Jump [AXIS Version]
Praise Space Electric – Diggin’ At The Dig In (Break Mix)-mastered
Captain Ring – Cock (Super Disco Fakes)
Santaka – 555
Pye Corner Audio – Chronos
DJ Food – Electric Collage #5
Concretism – Automated Teller Machine
Lion Chorus (Scene Two)
Broadcast – Follow The Light
Patrick Carpenter – What Monet Heard

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