Plug – ‘Back On Time’ album

Well this is a turn up, 10 vintage Plug tracks from 1997, rescued from the vaults of Luke Vibert aka Wagon Christ. For all those who loved the Plug EPs, the ‘Drum n Bass For Papa’ LP and the ‘Extreme Possibilities’ remix of 2 Player from back in the day – you won’t be disappointed. These are not just some so-so offcuts, best left in the cupboard, some of this is better than some of the material from the 90’s IMO. CD and vinyl in January on Ninja Tune..

One thought on “Plug – ‘Back On Time’ album

  1. I. Can. Not. Wait! I thought Luke had abandoned that whole project, and he’s been quiet the last year or so compared to his usual outpouring, so very welcome news… thanks, Kev!

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