Radio Suckers part 2

More on the radio front, both mixes and interviews:

The big news is that Solid Steel is back on the air, live in London, on a Thursday night via new station Strongroom Alive. DK (Solid Steel) and Jon More (Coldcut) will be spearheading this each week with myself when I can make it. The usual selection of old and new, guest mixes and the odd interview will be happening as well as some new features.  . Listeners in London can tune in to 87.9 FM on the radio (and Freeview channel 111) between 7 – 9pm each Thursday and across the world you can hear it on

As previously mentioned The Arctic Circle Radio interview with Ben Eshmade is now available as a podcast.

I did a 1 hour mix for the Laura Leishman Project on Le Mouv radio in Paris the other week that aired on Friday (Feb 3rd). This was done with only one turntable as I’d left my Serato controller discs at home and they could only find one, I’d mix one track in and then jump it across to the other virtual deck and cue up a new one on the real turntable. The first half is more clubby and the second a showcase for parts of the album, including some of the forthcoming Amorphous Androgynous remix of ‘The Illectrik Hoax’. The mix is available here – via soundcloud.

The Selector – the 25 minute mix of UK-based artists I did for the British Council is now up on Soundcloud, the 55 minute version follows this Friday (Feb 10th)

Strongroom Alive also hosts a mix show with Pure Evil aka Charles Uzell-Edwards on a Friday and his debut show (Feb 3rd) contained a gallery walk-through by myself conducted the day the show I’ve currently got on at his gallery with Henry Flint opened. The music Charley plays is a fantastic selection of mostly ambient electronica classics from the 90’s with a few oddities thrown into the mix like Black Sabbath. The show is up on mixcloud for those who want to listen again.

In fact I’m going to embed it here I enjoyed his selection so much, some of my Planetarium mix plays at around 1 hr 30 mins including the 2econd Class Citizen remix of ‘The Illectrik Hoax’.

This Sunday (Feb 5th) on Resonance FM I’m interviewed at the same exhibition by Jonny Trunk cohort Robin The Fog for the Panel Borders show about comics at 8pm which will be available to stream or download too.

This coming Saturday (Feb 11th) I’ll be dropping in to Jonny Trunk‘s OST show, again on Resonance, playing space-themed records and giving away a limited edition copy of my album. Resonance 104.4FM.  Saturday 4:30pm to 6:30pm.  Repeated Wednesday 3:00pm to 5:00pm

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