Teach The Each

Teach The Each
A new initiative just launched by Edzy from Unique 3 is Teach The Each, a pool of producers, artists, DJs, designers, promoters and music industry veterans with decades of experience to draw on in multiple disciplines. The aim is to create a one stop shop where these people can be booked to speak, teach and pass on their experiences and knowledge to up and coming students wherever they should be needed. I’m very pleased to be one of the people asked to take part, that’s some esteemed company to be in. More info here

One thought on “Teach The Each

  1. looks great. I’m on the wrong side of the world… looks like you’re in good musical company with Trevor Jackson, Danny Broitett and a couple ex label mates of yours…. As well as Ian Anderson from the almighty tDR.

    Well done sir! And good luck to you.

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