4 thoughts on “The Electric Images In My Mind #9

  1. Any copies not ordered for Record Store Day will go on to the Ninja shop, I’ll post here when there’s a link for ordering don’t worry. Even if these sell out it will be repressed after RSD although it might be on black or different coloured vinyl.

    I’m very wary of creating crazy limited editions for events like these and asked for Ninja to not make it too limited – after all I want people to hear and buy it! :)

  2. Looks incredibly tasty — but if this is a Record Store Day exclusive, it might be difficult for us who are not in the UK to obtain… Do you know if this will be sold through the NinjaShop also?

  3. Ok everybody knows about the crisis here in Greece but i manage to have some money in my wallet for this one.Waiting more details.Kev looks fantastic.

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