DJ Food – ‘The Search Engine’ track list graphic

I think this might be one of my favourite designs for my own music, this is the track list for the album believe it or not. I’ve really been into circular designs for the last few years and I had this idea ages ago and had to save it for my own stuff. Such a shame artwork for music is getting smaller and smaller and I keep doing hyper-detailed stuff like this. Would love to see this on a 12″ picture disc one day, colours might change though…

11 thoughts on “DJ Food – ‘The Search Engine’ track list graphic

  1. If you click it, it gets a bit bigger David but it’s not really meant for reading :) Absolutely a McCarthy nod yes, plenty of subtle and not so subtle ones on the album, see if you can spot the other 2000ad one on there.

  2. The Illectrik Hoax? A McCarthy nod there? Looking good, but yes, it needs to be bigger – I’m struggling to decipher it as it is!

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