Fog Fest 2 (Iklectik Boogaloo)

I’ll be going head to head with Graham Dunning‘s mechanical techno set up with my Quadraphon turntable on August 5th at Robin The Fog‘s second Fog Fest bonanza at our favourite London venue, Iklectik.
Graham’s turntable escapades have to be seen to be believed and he was very inspirational in kicking me into gear to build my own variation on a modified turntable some years back. So it’s thrilling to be able to collaborate on a performance with him, who knows what sweet music we will make? Also returning to the line up from last year is Steve Davis whose Utopia Strong group goes from strength to strength (ba-dum-tish!). I have to confess that the other names on the bill are new to me but Robin knows his onions so I’m sure the whole thing will be joyous.
Tickets available soon…

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