Funki Porcini Fast Asleep poster reprint

funki cover 3#throwbackthursday
Back in 2002 I designed the cover for Funki Porcini’s ‘Fast Asleep‘ album (with additional photography by Martin LeSanto-Smith). Ninja Tune then blew the image up to 1m square fly posters to advertise it. You can see one in the living room above the decks in Shaun of the Dead and one hung behind the counter in my local, Rat Records in Camberwell, for years.

SOTD FP poster

Now, Funki’s made a limited edition reproduction of that poster (on better paper too) available from his Bandcamp. While you’re there check out his back catalogue including brand new album, ‘Studio 59’.

7 thoughts on “Funki Porcini Fast Asleep poster reprint

  1. Hey where can we buy the poster of Funki Porcini Fast Aslep? I’ve been looking for it all over the place…I’mfeeeling a bit desperate here.

  2. please do a reprint of this poster, it don’t need to be sign, just available to buy, thank you <3

  3. @aexndr – basically the girl who used to do press for Ninja at the time, knew Edgar Wright and was in the film as a zombie, she provided them with loads of posters to help dress the set

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