‘O Is For Orange’ AV mix for Solid Steel 25

This week I decided to put down some of the set I made for ‘A Few Old Tunes’, the Boards of Canada-inspired night we did on June 20th. Because I’d edited so much video to go with it, I thought I’d finally get round to my first solo video mix too, so here it is.

(UPDATE: Vimeo closed the Solid Steel account that hosted this mix after three copyright strikes so it’s currently offline but some kind soul has uploaded it to their own ‘Solid Steel’ account here but I can’t embed it here)

‘O Is For Orange’ is the sound of weathered tape saturation, detuned analogue synthesisers, vinyl crackle and machine hum. It’s also the look of unfocused, flickering lenses, mirror image filters and blurry grain embedded into film. Unofficial fan films sit alongside experimental animation, public information shorts and even the odd official video. Material that BoC took inspiration from blends with their own work as well as many that they inspired.

I make no apologies for the quality of the vision here, some of it is only available via the web at frustratingly small sizes. In a couple of instances I’ve actually downgraded the look and quality of the image to make it blend in better and in others, even my best attempts at filtering can’t disguise the low quality of the source material. No HD or widescreen here, I’ve gone back to 4:3 for this one even though some of the clips were originally 16:9 or wider.

On the Vimeo page I’ve endeavored to list as many of the videos and their respective directors as possible alongside the track list. When we’ve done video mixes in the past we’ve repeatedly found that some film makers take exception to having their work used like this, whereas few artists would email you requesting that you take their track out of a mix. I can see why, especially if a promo they’re done for one group ends up being re-edited and bolted on to a completely different track.

Anyway, enough guff, thanks to everyone who inspired this mix, especially Boards of Canada, and everyone who requested that we recorded our sets for ‘A Few Old Tunes’ last week. Josh from Posthuman‘s is already up in audio form (here) and I’m reliably told that Tom Central has his waiting in the wings for next week.

18 thoughts on “‘O Is For Orange’ AV mix for Solid Steel 25

  1. Thanks Andre – Most of this was edited in Final Cut Pro after I’m mixed the audio rather than it all being live from one take

  2. Kev,

    Wicked a/v mix – one of the best I’ve heard and seen in a long while. I’m looking at mixing up some music videos in a similar way – what software did you use for this? Thanks!

  3. Don’t worry, I’ve re-edited it this morning, just have to re-render it, which may take a day going by the last version.

  4. Oh, whoops.
    Well hopefully everyone who wanted the vid grabbed it quick, it’s a great piece of work.

  5. I doubt that will happen Matt as he died 2 years ago, I suspect it’s his estate as he apparently requested before his death that no one uploaded his work to the web.

  6. Glad I grabbed this when I could!
    “Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Jordan Belson claiming that this material is infringing: DJ Food – O Is For Orange.”

    I hope Jordan Belson pours sour milk on his breakfast cereal and gets halfway through the bowl before realising.

  7. Glad I can help Jan, get well soon :) Currently re-rendering the video to improve the quality of the image somewhat is you fancy a rerun next week…

  8. The power of music. I am currently in considerable phyiscal pain through injury, but nevermind that. You would not believe the amount of joy and happiness listening to this amazing mix gave me on this sunday morning. Thank you so very much, Kev.

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