On the menu…

So many Food-related things to look forward to this Autumn / Winter:

‘Caught In The Middle of a 3-Way Mix‘ – a tribute to the Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album in mix form by DJ’s Cheeba, Moneyshot and Food with artwork by Jim Mahfood tomorrow night on Solid Steel via Strongroom Alive.

Debut of my remix of Kilah’s ‘Krzesany’ at the Sacrum Profanum festival, Poland on Sept 15th

A night of DJ Shadow mixes on XFM to support the ‘Reconstructed‘ comp with two by yours truly on Sept 21st

‘The Search Engine’ quadruple vinyl gatefold repress edition and return to the SAT in Montreal this Sept/Oct

A John Rydgren compilation on Omni Recording Corporation curated by David Thrussell with audio and images supplied from my archive.

‘The Search Engine’ fulldome performance at the Leicester Space Centre, UK on November 16th

3 thoughts on “On the menu…

  1. Ok thank u for the informations.I have the cd and the 12″ from the records store day but i think that the repress will also be fantastic.Have to wait then for my next order from the Ninjas.

  2. It’s a straight repress of the 3 EPs that made up the bulk of The Search Engine album (more tracks than the CD and slightly different mixes in some cases) + the Amorphous Androgynous remix 12″ that came out on Record store day this year. Gatefold in heavy card sleeve, I have to amend artwork next week then off to print, will blog it when it’s ready.

  3. Hi Kev. Can u give us more details about the “The Search Engine’ quadruple vinyl gatefold repress edition” i really dont want to miss that.Thank u

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