Raiding the 20th Century is 20 years old

Raiding tapes 2024
20 years ago today I premiered the first version of my Raiding The 20th Century guest mix on XFM‘s The Remix radio show. Originally commissioned by James Hyman as a 30 minute set for the evening show he and Eddie Temple-Morris chaired together, what emerged was a 39 minute mini history of the cut up. James had left the show by this time but I visited the studio and sat in live with Eddie as the show unfolded, chatting a little at the end about the mix and why I’d felt the need to undertake such an epic excercise. At the time the mix took down the home of online mash ups, the Boom Selection server for a bit when it was uploaded and I made a run of 100 copies of a CD version that I largely sold at our Solid Steel nights or through the Ninja Tune forum.

Fast forward about 18 years and I’m contacted by Yoshi from Delic Records in Japan who wanted to make a physical tape version of the mix as he thought it was an important work and wanted to have a physical item to save it from being just another digital file floating in the ether. At the time I was sceptical and not too interested – afterall, the mix is out there if you look, as is its bigger brother the Paul Morley-narrated Words & Music Expansion that clocks in at 59 minutes. Yoshi was persistant and, as the 20th anniversary approached, I could see his point and wanted to do something commemorate it.

Raiding inlay

So here we have a cassette version of the first edition of the mix, spread over both sides (I did the edit) and with rejigged artwork from the original CD release. Also available is a double-sided T-shirt or you can get both as a bundle. These are only being sold by Delic Records in Japan, I have none here aside from my own personal copies. I’m sure there will also be a companion release for the expanded mix this time next year…
Raiding t shirt

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