Star Wars : The Force Awakens poster by Drew Struzan

Force Awakens poster
We’ve all seen this by now, right? Original master movie poster painter Drew Struzan was persuaded out of retirement to create a new poster for Episode VII. Harrison Ford (because that’s all I can see here, not Han Solo)  looks well haggard and seems to be thinking, “Let’s get this over with!”. I’m wondering, with the odd crop and lack of lettering (or space for it) whether this is the full image. I lightened it up a bit because it seemed so dark.

One thought on “Star Wars : The Force Awakens poster by Drew Struzan

  1. The top half is pretty cool, but Han doesn’t need to be on there, it looks like the painting was finished then somebody said “quick add Harrison before he sees it”.
    And what about the mighty Chewbacca, Leia, or Luke, why aren’t they on there with Han?

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