DJ Food – I Love Acid 45s mix

Thanks very much to Josh from Posthuman for putting me on his excellent radio show, there’s no chat in this one due to studio gremlins and my mix begins about 58m mins in.
The world’s first ever all 45 Acid mix? There’s a 7 day download link in the comments too

3 thoughts on “DJ Food – I Love Acid 45s mix

  1. Here’s the track list for my mix: Lil’ Louis starts fading in at just before the 58 minute mark and I think there’s one or two tracks tagged on at the end to round out the hour.

    Lil Louis & The World – Blackout (Revelation edit) (FFRR)
    Coldcut feat. Sweet-Tooted Sonny – Acid Drops (Bomb The Mix) (Sure Beats)
    Baby Ford – Oochy Coochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh) (Rhythm King)
    Tyree – Oh Yea (DJ International Records)
    Casanova’s Revenge – Let’s Work (de Construction)
    The DJ Fast Eddie – Jack 2 The Sound (Megamix excerpt) (Radical Records)
    The Beatmasters – Ska Train (Rhythm King)
    Longsy D’s House Sound – This Is Ska (Skacid Mix) (Big One)
    Bam Bam – Give It To Me (Serious)
    Coldcut – Yes, Yes, Yes (Ahead Of Our Time)
    Stakker – Humanoid (Westside)
    DiM DJ – Aerotrak (Kinetik)
    Paul Rutherford – Get Real (4th & B’Way)
    Mr Lee – Pump Up London (A&M)
    The Shamen – Phorever People (Shamen Dub) (One Little Indian)
    The Party Boy – The Twilight Zone (UK Radio Edit) (Urban Acid)
    Children Of The Night – It’s A Trip (Tune In, Turn on, Drop Out Instrumental) (Jive)
    Ben Stokes – Telephone Sounds (FlexiDisc / Tino Corp.)
    Baby Ford – Flowers (Rhythm King)
    Cleon – Klamp (Kinetik)
    Altern8 – Armageddon (Fade Before The End of the World) (Network)
    Ben Stokes – Telephone Sounds (FlexiDisc / Tino Corp.)
    Moon Wiring Club – Infernal Devices (Lord Wilfed’s Myxomatosis Mix) (Gecophonic)
    The Bug feat. Inga Copeland – Rise Up (Acid Ragga)
    Raze – The Legend Megamix (Champion)

  2. What track does your mix start at? I can’t find a track list for this mix. You said it starts at or around the 58 minute mark so it’s a good place to start.


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