New Ninja Tune Psyche / Fuzz / Rock mix on Solid Steel

I’ve been planning this since the summer but only had time to put it down recently, this is some of my favourite music on Ninja Tune over the last few years, quite a few overlooked tracks and artists as well as some new tracks from the XX set. Ninja Tune first became known for ‘Trip Hop’, alluding to ‘Trippy Hip Hop’, but what about all the other trippy music released on the label over the years? Bands like Super Numeri, The Slew, Yppah or the Dragons? I’ve put together an hour of guitar fuzz, wah wah, delay and heavy beats focusing on the acid rock and psychedelic stylings of the label and it’s Big Dada and Counter offshoots.

Solid Steel Radio Show 5/11/2010 Part 3 + 4 – Strictly Kev by Ninja Tune & Big Dada

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