The Shape of Things That Hum EP Soundcloud Promo

Here are 3 tracks from my next EP, streamable via Soundcloud – there 5 tracks in all with a further 3 remixes on the download. Sentinel is a collaboration with DK and GIANT is a cover of The The without the vocal which will be added to a remixed version on the album. If you want to buy it and click the link it will take you to iTunes but the EP isn’t out until Dec 14th now so you’ll have a bit of a wait…

DJ Food – ‘The Shape of Things That Hum’ (Promo) by Ninja Tune

5 thoughts on “The Shape of Things That Hum EP Soundcloud Promo

  1. Bloody brilliant! I can’t wait for this to be out. I especially liked Stolen Moments, displays the qualities that initially drew me in to your work to begin with. The music is reminiscent of a 60s caper film strung out on some wonderful drug.

  2. Hairs on the back of my neck are doing the dance.
    Had it on rotation from your myspace blog.
    Very excited. Fantastic quality control as ever.

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