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Be The Fool
I’m constantly saving stuff I like the look of from the web, sometimes I need to follow up on an image I come across, other times it’s inspirational or a better quality version of something I’ve seen before. All these were cluttering up the desktop with nowhere to go and, as I treat this blog as a form of scrapbook, consider me adding these to a page. Above, the poster and some screen shots from Be The Fool, a new documentary about two members of Dutch design group, The Fool. This is currently only doing the film festival circuit but hopefully will show up on streaming at some point. Below, a lesser seen poster by Hapshash & The Coloured Coat for an Italian festival in 1968, this recently came up for auction and went for big money.

The backing card for a pair of op-art tights called Kinkies from the 1960s. Available here from the excellent Division Leap seller on eBay.
From the same seller, a flyer for a 1980s San Francisco punk event, Z-RO G.

An alternate front and back cover for comic book Spectregraph by Tradd Moore

Spectregraph 001 - COVER-D2
Windy & Carl‘s Consciousness LP sleeve, recently reissued I think.

Windy & Carl
Which my partner has just indignantly pointed out is a huge rip-off of this Archie Shepp album cover

The Who Sell Out promo poster by Adrian George, printed by Osiris Visions in 1967, another one that recently came up for auction and sells for a fair bit. These came with initial copies of the album and were reproduced a few years back for the reissue.

The Who Sellout

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