DJ Food & DK – Now, Look & Listen 78 minute AV set

It is with great pleasure that DK and I finally bring you months of hard work with a mix comprising parts of our Video Turntablism sets from the last 12 months. Massive thanks to DK for really pulling out all the stops to get this thing realised from all the material we have, it couldn’t have happened without him.

[vimeo width=”635″ height=”480″][/vimeo]

13 thoughts on “DJ Food & DK – Now, Look & Listen 78 minute AV set

  1. Worth the watch… very intelligent prescription to the common world.. a breath of fresh galactic sonic air.. much props to the creators and re-posters….

    Big Up Kev !!!

  2. There’s no video playlist as we sampled a bunch of stuff, the sci fi battle footage is “sampled” from a video game called Eve – the mech battle, ah, that would be telling… 😉

  3. This is, obviously, great.
    Any way to get a video playlist? Interested in knowing more about the spaceship-battle animation that comes after the interstella 5555 sequence (around 59:00) . Looks like something I’d enjoy watching in full. Also, where is the mech battle from (starting around 48:30)?

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