DJ Food flexi disc

Yes I can hardly believe it myself, I’ve wanted to have a flexi disc with my music on it for as long as I can remember and today they arrived. The fact that the last major manufacturer of flexis shut up shop in 2001 didn’t deter me from looking all these years and I finally found someone who had restarted the process late last year. David Read over at Vinyl Record Guru in Nanaimo, Canada is the man to speak to and they do a wide range of coloured inks, several different disc colours and both 33 and 45 rpm.

This little beauty will (somehow) be given away with a limited CD of my album sold via the Ninja Tune online shop later this year. More details when I have them (and better pictures too!) I’ve been planning to showcase my flexi disc collection for a while so I might do one a week starting next year in a ‘Flexi-stentialism’ section.


7 thoughts on “DJ Food flexi disc

  1. Wow, looks amazing, congratulations in keeping up your search a great result. I noticed that you were in this months record collector. I look forward to hearing the quality. I remember a trick of placing a penny on top of the label to stop the disc from slipping. Can’t wait to see your flexi disc collection as well.

  2. Lovely Jubbly – that’s a circle of beauty. We’ve been wanting to do one of these for years too but with no luck. Very much look forward to seeing the Flexi collection at some point man.

  3. I was wondering if anyone still created these recently, it’s been some time since I’ve seen a flexi-disc and fondly remember getting free with magazines in the past before vinyl pressing became cheap enough to give away instead. Looks great!

  4. Lovely! Immediately made me think of Quadraplex, which is always a good thing. Will definitely keep an eye open for this one.

    (p.s. probably a typo: Nanaimo)

  5. I was going to say you have no idea how excited this makes me, but it’s more likely that you know exactly how exciting it is….

    Looking forward to owning this.

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