DJ Food – Sunday At Bundy’s mixtape

[singlepic id=220 w=320 h=240 float=left] I’ve just dug the master DAT for the DJ Food mixtape I compiled in the late 90’s out, cleaned it up and stuck both sides on Soundcloud. This collection of radio show, gig and other recordings was put together to sell on tour in the States, Canada and Japan mainly. It includes some jams with Squarepusher (one of which he ended up sampling part of), DJ Krush and Ollie Teeba from the Herbaliser amongst answerphone message from DJ Vadim and aftershow banter.

DJ Food – Sunday at Bundy’s (Side A.) by DJ Food

It’s rough and ready, all live, no edits or overdubs, sub-titled an ‘audio scrapbook’, it’s exactly that, little sections torn out of sets played around the world in the mid 90’s. There were around 500 made I think, all long gone now but you can hear a bit of what went down at clubs like Stealth back in the day and all the early Ninja Tune DJ package tours.

DJ Food – Sunday at Bundy’s (Side B.) by DJ Food

Original cassette artwork and info here.

6 thoughts on “DJ Food – Sunday At Bundy’s mixtape

  1. I should have it somewhere, will maybe pull it out and see if it’s worth uploading, I know Tom played a set of all Squarepusher tracks at one point, some unreleased and on the forthcoming Feed Me Weird Things LP at the time, we were loving it :)

  2. Hi Kev,

    Thanks a lot for posting this, have been after it for ages.

    I don’t suppose you have a rip of the full Solid Steel show with Squarepusher that you could post do you?

    Thanks again!

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