The Dragons in Shindig! magazine #49

Shindig Dragons1
My article on The Dragons is in issue #49 of Shindig! Magazine – out now, 6 pages too. New interviews with Doug & Dennis Dragon plus Donn Landee who produced their BFI album. After their recent publisher troubles the mag is back and as good as ever, you should be able to find it in most WH Smiths and decent record shops. If the article piques your interest and you want to hear the music they made then Ninja Tune still has digital and CDs in stock although the vinyl is long gone.
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3 thoughts on “The Dragons in Shindig! magazine #49

  1. All good now, internet gremlins averted 😉 I look forward to hearing this album, sounds very nice!

  2. Trying to buy the Dragons – BFI cd through Ninja Tune (after having read your fine article) but the transaction only half-worked (gee, thanks Kaspersky ‘Safe Money’ feature!) – they got my money, but no order appears in my Ninja Tune account and they haven’t contacted me still, a week later. Do you know if they are on holiday or something? Not sure how close your association is but if you could give them a nudge for me that would be appreciated. Who would have thought trying to support labels by buying their stuff would be such a headache?

  3. Curious that your article didn’t mention the album Mr Dragon did for ESP (as discussed in Acid Archives 2nd edition)…

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