The Electric Images In My Mind #14

When we commissioned The Amorphous Androgynous to remix ‘The Illectrik Hoax’ little did we know what we had let ourselves in for. Not only did they produce a 17 minute, 3 part remix, a 30 minute mix for Solid Steel (airing this Thursday night on Strongroom Alive) and another ‘basement jam’ work in progress mix, but also¬† – this priceless artifact accompanied the remix when it was delivered.

Several people have been asking about a DJ Food release entitled ‘Post Mash Analysis’, but I’m sorry to say, it’s a reference to this text, which we sent out as part of the press release, and some shops have listed as the title. The remix 12″ and download will be available this coming Saturday, April 21st, as part of Record Store Day, and afterwards via the Ninjashop and FSOLDigital online stores. The release page on the Ninja site is taking a bit longer than expected, partly because the titles are too long for the site to cope with (arf) and we’re still trying to find out the position on posting pre-order info before the actual day with RSD, only 5 days to go now though.


5 thoughts on “The Electric Images In My Mind #14

  1. WAV is perfect, so long as its lossless. I just hears a vbr version… Great release Kev, though, the improved sound quality is something to look forward to… Counting down the days…

  2. great, is it for only RSD folks, or will a FLAC/WAV copy be available to regular people?

    As it is, I have ot admit, I have a pre-release leak DLing right now… of course I’ll support you.

    BTW, in spite of the excitement for the Japanese CD of The Search Engine, I just ended up going with the Deluxe DL from Ninja Tune. Space don’t permit much here in China. and I have a 3tb hard drive which holds loads…

    Gonna see HIFANA on friday whoot whoot

  3. This release will be available as a download too, as soon as Ninja have the release page up I will post it here.

  4. RSD = DOWNLOADS?! ummm i’m her ein China, and IF there are RSD Downloads available, can I get in line? FLAC/WAV??? pls let me know… I’m going bananas…

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