The KLF – The Sound of Mu(sic)

I made this with Mr Trick some years back and have just put it up on Soundcloud after a few requests. There’s a long and winding tale about it’s creation and the reasons for etc. (with pictures) in the Download section (click above) or HERE if you’re lazy. If you’re familiar with it there’s nothing new here but if you like the KLF and have a spare 30 minutes it’s an entertaining read and listen.

5 thoughts on “The KLF – The Sound of Mu(sic)

  1. I know, I’ve retrieved all the info from MySpace from my old blogs and will endeavour to get it all on here in time

  2. Oh dear! MySpaz’s recent update has really messed up the whole blog – all the images are distorted. it’s 2010… what the fuck is going on???

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