The Search Engine – 4×12″ repress for RSD 2013

On Record Store Day this year (April 20th) Ninja Tune will release a four disc vinyl repress of the EPs that made up my album ‘The Search Engine’. These are straight represses of the original three EPs (One Man’s Weird…, The Shape of Things… and Magpies, Maps & Moons) plus the Amorphous Androgynous remix 12″ from last years’ RSD (on black vinyl this time though).

The first three 12″s have been out of print for some time now and contain extra tracks and some different mixes to the CD album, with some tracks also being full length versions. If your bought these the first time round there’s nothing new here I’m afraid except the poster covers are replaced by an eight panel foldout sleeve, similar to the original limited edition ‘Paul’s Boutique’ LP.

Each disc has its own sleeve and the spine measures a tasty 13 mm in width, easy to find in the rack for sure.
In the spirit of the title and to add a little something for RSD I’ve had ten unique pieces of artwork inserted into random copies of the album. Six high quality prints of zoetropes that I made for the exhibitions last year and four unique collages as seen below.
All are 12″x12″ in size, signed, stamped and protected by a transparent sleeve. If any readers of this blog find one, please let me know, it will be nice to see how far they go out into the world. I’m sure the Ninja Tune online shop will have copies the Monday after RSD so don’t worry if you can’t get to a store, everyone has a chance to find one of the inserts, they’re completely random and could go out to whoever orders them, not just stores participating in RSD.

11 thoughts on “The Search Engine – 4×12″ repress for RSD 2013

  1. Really? Excellent! :) Could you send a photo of it with yourself or the record please? I’d love to post it to show people, if you’d rather not then that’s fine but I’m really glad you got in contact, thanks.

  2. I am one of the lucky ten who got one of the artworks, original master collage!
    I live in Helsinki, Finland.
    Thank you!

  3. Have seen a copy in a shop in ******** today & was able to touch (!) but remains to be seen as to whether I’ll get my hands on it forever..!

  4. I’m biased obviously but I’ve had the sleeve sitting in my studio for a few weeks now and it’s so nice to see the cover printed large.

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