Prometheus fan art

Fan art for a film yet to be released – but obviously with a long legacy to live up to.

The first illustration above did the rounds nearly a year ago it seems, masquerading as concept art. Nice image in an intriguing ‘what if?’-type way and a decent illustration too.

The image to the left was made into a mock film poster using a similar illustration of the Space Jockey sans gun / steering wheel / whatever it is he’s sitting in.

Then there’s Midnight Marauder, whose tumblr is full of poster and DVD covers, both real and fake, for films like Prometheus, Alien and Aliens and Blade Runner. There’s so much good stuff on there, take a look.


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More posters from Scraffer

Yet another batch of posters arrived from Scraffer (via Henry Flint) to be signed and then sent out to buyers. Above is a small selection of doodles by Henry for the Madman’ print, of which every one has its own bespoke illustration by Henry inside the thought bubble. I think these are close to selling out now whilst the ‘Life Cycle of a Machine’ print is definitely sold out – don’t worry if you ordered and didn’t receive one yet, I just signed the last batch. The ‘Cosmonaut’ print below is also still available as we made that in a higher run.

Only 3 more days to catch the Pure Evil exhibition

That’s right, it’s all coming down, Monday 13th Wednesday 15th * extended for 2 more days* so if you want to see original Henry Flint artwork for my album, original 2000ad comic art for Judge Dredd, Nemesis, Deadlock and the like, original drawings from Henry’s book ‘Broadcast’ (on sale as a cheap price too), buy limited signed prints or just marvel at some nice pics of me in a spacesuit – best get along there before it closes on Sunday night. It’s at The Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard St. London, open 10-6 Friday /Saturday, 11-6 Sunday – free entry.

If you can’t make it, here’s an audio tour and some pictures, courtesy of Strongroom Alive.

Pure Evil Gallery artwork photos

[singlepic id=3645 w=640 h=480 float=left]

Yesterday I finally had time to go back to the Pure Evil Gallery to take some photos of the work in situ, I didn’t have time on the night as there were too many people and we didn’t finish setting up until the last minute. There are a few reviews online of the show by Contemporary Talks, Scraffer and Inkymole with one promised by Art Review too.

Pure Evil Gallery special prints

I’ve had a few inquiries about the limited prints available only through the Pure Evil Gallery for the duration of the show as I mentioned them in the recap from last Thursday. Sorry if it’s not been too clear but we decided at the last minute to make them available as they were going to be a one-off just for the show.

There are two giclée posters available from the Pure Evil gallery for the duration of the exhibition (on now until Feb 12th), the prints are as follows – ‘Octopus’ (from the ‘Magpies, Maps & Moons’ cover – above) and ‘Beats Per Second’ (from the ‘Shape Of Things That Hum’ – below).

These are both editions of 33, come signed by the two of us and anyone can order via the web or phone too here, you don’t have to go to the gallery personally. They measure 64.5cm x 47.1cm, cost £60 each and will be mailed out a few weeks after the exhibition finishes.

The previous three prints – ‘One Man’s Weird…’, ‘Life Cycle of a Machine’ and ‘Cosmonaut’ are also available to pre-order from the gallery or from ‘One Man’s Weird…’ is a signed edition of 33 at £65 and each one comes with a unique doodle in the speech bubble by Henry Flint. ‘Life Cycle of a Machine’ is a signed edition of 33 at £60 and ‘Cosmonaut’ is a signed edition of 100 at £55.

Here’s how they all look framed up at the exhibition:

Henry Flint x Strictly Kev limited print #3

New print from

The third in our series of Henry Flint x Strictly Kev prints.

This time it’s a standalone image of the cosmonaut that features on the cover of the new album, ‘The Search Engine’.

Signed by both artists and printed on 300gsm Somerset Photo Satin cotton paper, the gicleé print measures 64.5cm x 47.1cm.

The edition is limited to 100 hand numbered prints, at £55, comes unframed and rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube and will ship sometime in February.

Two more prints will be available for pre-order only from the Pure Evil Gallery during the 3 week run of the exhibition which starts tomorrow.

Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem posters

Illustrator Michael De Pippo created 5 retro posters for each member of the Muppet band Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem in anticipation of the new Muppet film release.

Disney got wind of them and licensed them for sale on their ACME Specialty Art site, some are sold out but a couple are still available. The versions shown here are the original designs with fake creases and misregistered print which didn’t survive for the Disney versions.
It’s a shame because these really give them the sense of original gig posters, also the date of the gig is the date that the Muppets first aired on TV, nice touch.

Star Wars ABC (1 & 2)

I made these for my boys over the last year or so, finally getting round to printing them up as posters for their bedroom. I claim no artistic credit for either aside from collecting the images from various multi-talented artists on the web and laying them all out. There have been several Star Wars ABC‘s attempted over the years and even more fine characterisations in a more child-friendly style. These images were mostly cribbed from JAKe, Joe Wight, Michael Fleming, Ben Ballestri and Steve Thomas. Images are of course all copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.

A package from Henry Flint

[singlepic id=3488 w=640 h=950 float=left]

A package at the doorstep this morning yielded the next batch of posters to be signed for and a copy of Henry’s new book ‘Broadcast’. This is the collection of doodles Henry did whilst in front of the TV and provided the artwork for my EPs over the last few years. Several of the pieces are featured and I get a mention but best of all – Henry had done a full page Dredd in profile on the inside page! The fanboy in me was grinning ear to ear.

The posters were multiple copies of the ‘Mad Man’ print of the image I coloured for the ‘One Man’s Weird… ‘ EP. For the thought bubble in the centre, Henry had drawn unique doodles on each poster so that each one is different. Here’s a gallery of 16 of the doodles.

I think these are all accounted for and will be sent out on Monday to everyone who has pre-ordered, there are still some left though if you fancy one.


Kraftwerk ‘Computer World’ poster

This lovely design was made by Stefanie Posavec, showing the length of cassette tape needed to record Kraftwerk‘s ‘Computer World’. Originally made as a one off for a friend’s club night she’s finally made them for sale.

It’s available as a 915 x 700mm 2-colour litho print (the yellow is fluorescent) on 300gsm, on Challenger Offset paper in a signed edition of 200. You can get it here and 25% of the profits go to the Ganet’s Adventure fund that helps a small primary school in Milawi.