Mixcloud Select 197: DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29/04/2004

MS197 DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29:04:2004 CDr
A typical club set from around the early ’00s with a mash up of DnB, acappellas, hip hop and other beats, recorded live whilst on tour in New Zealand at the end of 2003. The recording is fairly compressed as it must be a feed from the desk and we drop in probably for the latter half of the set as it’s in full flow and I’ve reached the drum and bass section. I probably had two decks and a Numark CDJ for this and several classic mixes are in there including PC’s ‘Mirror In The Bathroom/Square Off’ combination from Now, Listen, DJ Zinc/Rodney P, Nas/DJ Shadow and Beastie Boys/Lisa Maffia which were all staples of the set around this time. There’s a live take on the Obie Trice beat cut up featured on a previous mix upload and I float a bit of Shirley Bassey’s ‘Light My Fire’ over Un-Cut’s ‘Midnight’ track who sample the strings from her version. Anyway, I won’t pontificate on the contents but there’s lot of obvious stuff in here including 3 DJ Food tracks which is a rarity for me.

MS197 DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29:04:2004 PRS
We’re heading towards upload 200 and I’ve still decided what I’m going to do for it but thanks to everyone who’s stuck with this for the last four years. We’re nearly there, virtually everything worth hearing is encoded and uploaded now and it’s going to be good to move on from this and concentrate on my new monthly show on ROVR radio where I’m trying to concentrate on new music if possible (or new to me). The next show is June 7th but you can listen back to the first two episodes via the phone app which gives you access to the archive.

2 Tall – Luminous Thongs Solid Steel intro
Krust & Die present – Movin’ Fast
Nextmen vs Cyantific feat. Dynamite MC – High Score
Un-Cut – Midnight (Mist 2003 remix)
Pharoah Monch – Got You (DnB remix)
DJ Zinc – Reach Out (remix)
Rodney P – Riddim Killa
The Beat – Mirror In the Bathroom
Mask – Square Off
DJ Food – Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher remix)
DJ Food – Mr Scruff Megamix
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z Trip Party mix)
Nas – I Can (acappella)
DJ Food – Dark Lady
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin’ On (acapella)
Diverse, RJD2, Lyrics Born – Explosive
Prince – Sign O The Times (Rootz n Workz remix)
Return of the Returner – Throwdown No.1
Obie Trice – Got Some Teeth (acappella)
Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack
Beastie Boys – 33% God
Lisa Maffia – All Over (acapella)
Dsico – Bille Jean Dub
Derrick Largo & Trinity – Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough

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