6 thoughts on “Now, Look & Listen – 10k in 2 months

  1. it’s from a trailer for a game with the initials AC4, unfortunately there isn’t a whole film but there is more of that animation.

  2. James
    you have your times mixed up I think, the 13 minute mark on that video (above) is Tour De mars with loads of vintage space footage. I know the clip you mean but I’m not giving up the source, it is a computer game though – the best CGI I’ve ever seen.

  3. it’s coming mate, got delayed because we had to get printable DVDs from suppliers, they might already be done for all I know, not been in the office for weeks.

  4. Excellent, as usual. Question: There’s a badass mech battle that starts just shy of the 13 minute mark, ending around the 14:15 mark. Can you tell me what movie/game/etc that footage is from? It’s awesome, and goes pretty well with what sounds like the prodigy.

    Thanks in advance, and I’m about to buy “The shape of things that hum”. If it’s half as good as “One Man’s Weird Is Another Man’s World”, we’re in for another blast. Thanks for making all the great sounds.

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