Mike McMahon Judge Dredd Cursed Earth commission

These are the pencils for a Judge Dredd commission I’ve been waiting on for between 18 months and 2 years from one of the greats – Mike McMahon.

I asked for a full-on Cursed Earth scene, basically a recreation of either the cover or inside spread of Prog 61, the first issue of 2000ad I ever bought and he’s knocked it out the park.

I’ve enhanced the pencils in Photoshop here as Mick uses a very light grade – you can see the original plus many more commissions both penciled and inked on his excellent tugging your coat blog.

Now to wait for the inked version…

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2000ad Prog 1900

Big ‘jumping on’ issue out today from 2000ad and another milestone reached at Prog (short from programme) 1900. This is to entice new readers to get on board, all new stories begin and to make it even easier for newbies they’ve released a free 97 page pdf featuring primer stories for the characters in the latest issue. Sure enough Dredd swallows half of it but it’s all good material and you can’t complain when it’s free.

I see so many people coming back to this comic after leaving it and after 37 years of weekly issues they’ve got to be doing something right – roll on Prog 2000. I also chuckled at the cover of the recent sister publication the Judge Dredd Megazine which arrived the same week as the Scottish Independence vote – classic Dredd from Glenn Fabry. Actually for all the great press 2000ad gets ‘the Meg’ is actually firing on all cylinders at the moment and well worth a look too.


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Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD Teaser

Weirdly another thing with ‘Future Shock’ as a title, must be something in the air – although my mix title takes from both 2000ad and an early 70’s documentary. But anyway, I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but got sidetracked. Someone is finally attempting to tell the story of 2000ad in proper documentary form and they’re really going all out to do it.
So far I think they’ve spoken to anyone and everyone who’s ever been within walking distance of the comic in the last 37 years. Check the trailer above, read the production blog, it will be screening at Beyond Fest and Fantastic Fest in the US in the coming months but there’s no news of a UK premiere yet.

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Kevin O’Neill ‘Twisted Times’ original art

Check out this original Kevin O’Neill painting from the cover of the ‘Twisted Times’ collection – short Future Shock stories by Alan Moore from his old 2000ad days. This is on sale now from Artdroids if you have the hefty £6k that Rufus wants for it and underneath is the original book cover it was used for. “if I was a rich man, la la la la la etc”…

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2000ad 2014 graphic novel schedule

Plenty of goodness lined up for 2014 from 2000ad and related publications, but first, out Wednesday is their end of year 100 page issue (or Prog should I say) which is fantastic. They’ve also just released their publishing schedule for the next year including this tasty tomb which is worth buying just for the Henry Flint Deadlock 13-parter alone. It features some of his best artwork IMO, some of which I’m lucky enough to own originals of, can you spot all the visual references to the other Warriors in the artwork?

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Beyond 2000ad magazine

Straight outta Ireland, from Hibernia is the new Comic Archive magazine: Beyond 2000ad by David MacDonald. This 68 page colur and B&W issue is a treasure trove of info and unseen / lost / forgotten art from 2000ad-related creators, lovingly assembled by David with interviews from many involved in the comic over the years. Here’s a list of contents:

Interviews, featuring contributions from Nick Landau, Dez Skinn, Pat Mills, John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Kelvin Gosnell, Doug Church, Colin Wyatt, Richard Burton and David Bishop.
It also reprints rare and never-before-seen artwork from Glenn Fabry, Ian Gibson, and Massimo Belardinelli, with cover art from Carlos Ezquerra.
• A history of Starlord and Tornado.
• An extensive look at 2000AD’s publishing history in the USA.
• The complete Scatha, including an eighth episode that never saw print.
• A history of the Daily Star Dredd strip.
• Interviews with 2000AD art editors, Doug Church and Colin Wyatt.
• Censored art from the final episodes of “Inferno”, reprinted here for the first time.
• Unseen Ian Gibson art for “Mekomania”.

Those in the know who recognise the names there will be dribbling by now I suspect and the magazine delivers.

Buy it in digital form for £2.50 or physical (recommended) for £6.

Also of interest is the previous Comic Archive: ‘ONE EYED JACK AND THE DEATH OF VALIANT’ which has interviews with John Wagner, John Cooper, Janet Shepheard, Kevin O’Neill, and contributions from Kelvin Gosnell, Dave Hunt and more. Articles include; the relationship between One Eyed Jack and Judge Dredd, John Wagners tenure as editor on Valiant, the new strips he introduced and the craft of Art Editors in relation to the look and logo design of Valiant, 2000ad and much more.

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Jason and Jim at Tribal Gathering

Steve Cook put these photos up last week on his Secret Oranges blog. Above is Jim Murray and below, Jason Brashill, taken at Tribal Gathering in ’97. Both were then working for 2000ad on various projects, with Jim eventually finishing off vol.2 of the Batman/Judge Dredd team-up ‘Die Laughing’ after Glenn Fabry couldn’t commit to it. He then went off to work in the computer games industry but has just put out a gorgeous book with Robbie Morrison called ‘Drowntown’ which is the first of several apparently. Jason followed a similar path but not before he’d painted one of my favourite sleeves for The Herbaliser in the shape of ‘Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks’, which I commissioned from him after seeing his work with graffiti artists She One and Req 1 as part of their Brighton crew, The Dusty Knights.

Henry Flint at the San Diego Comic Convention 2013

News hot off the press concerning 2000ad’s line up for SDCC 2013 – the biggest comic book convention in the world: “We are pleased to announce that our very special guest for the event will be Judge Dredd artist Henry Flint, who is drawing the hotly-anticipated comic book sequel to last year’s DREDD movie. He will be signing and sketching at the booth throughout the weekend.

Earthlets should visit Booth #2806 for exclusive limited edition comic art posters by Flint, as well as limited-edition Judge Dredd and Zenith T-shirts!”

Now, that’s good news, Henry finally making a star appearance overseas and being confirmed as the artist on the Dredd sequel comic too! Also check out his stunning cover to one of the stories of the year in 2012 – ‘Trifecta’. The triple-plot whammy that unveiled without warning last year in the pages of 2000ad to massive acclaim. It’s finally collected into one volume with this great *EDIT -LENTICULAR* cover. (Animated gif, stolen from the Everything Comes Back To 2000ad site – check them out, well recommended)

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Ninjas featured in new Judge Dredd Megazine story

Well, this was unexpected! Reading the latest Judge Dredd Megazine (issue 336, out today) with my kids the other day and I open it to find my name splattered on the wall of Mega City 1! Not only am I now immortalised as a minor gang (now sadly defunct) in the tangled history of the Meg but a certain Matt Black (Coldcut) and PC (DJ Food) get a mention as street names in the left hand panel too.

The story is a spin off in the world of Dredd for disgraced ex-Chief Judge Dan Francisco who has been demoted back to street duty after the events that led to the recent Day of Chaos story. Francisco – a Judge who had the rare distinction of being a prime time TV star whose popularity led to him being elected Chief Judge – is investigating multiple murders of The Kev Gang in this scene. It’s a humorous aside but a chance for the writer, Arthur Wyatt, to use my name as the basis for the gang’s rules of entry. Artist Paul Marshall drew the strip and it’s featured in the monthly Megazine which is out today.

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Judge Minty

Judge Minty is a micro budget fan film that’s been in production for years now, well before the recent Dredd movie by Alex Garland anyway. It’s finally finished and, after doing the convention circuit, has now been put up for free on YouTube. For a such a project they’ve got a lot out of the little money they had to make it too with some impressive CGI work, excellent colour grading and music. Their Mega City 1 is far superior than the aforementioned Dredd film and the Judge outfits are nearer to the comic versions, being supplied by the Termight Replicas and Planet Replicas companies who do the official spin off costumes and props associated with the comic.

The story is an extension of an original strip in 2000ad featuring a Judge called Minty who is getting old and slow, his judgement impaired. Such cases in Dredd’s world take ‘The Long Walk’, sent out beyond the city walls to The Cursed Earth, a radioactive wasteland inhabited by mutants and the lawless. The Judges have to fend for themselves and try to bring some justice to the place, an impossible task being that they are a drop in the ocean compared to its size. Some of the acting let’s it down but Edmund Dehn, in the lead role is perfectly cast and there are all sorts of nice touches and hidden references for the eagle eyed fan, my favourite being the not so subtle crashed Land Raider in one scene.

At only 27 minutes long it’s well worth a watch if you have a passing interest in the character. You can tell it’s a labour of love and I recognised several known fan’s names in the credits at the end including John Burdis – Dredd uber-fan and constant presence in costume at conventions these last few years. Also in the thanks was one ‘Ollie Teeba‘, who many will know from The Herbaliser on Ninja Tune and beyond, who put in some money to aid the production of the film.

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2000ad Prog 1830 cover

Opening the wrapper to my subscriber’s copy of next Wednesday’s 2000ad, I audibly gasped upon seeing the original (and my personal favourite) logo across the top. With retro fonts, aged paper and Ben-Day dot effects, the reinstated offworld credits and the 235p price tag (it was 8p when it launched in 1977), it bought a nostalgic smile to my face.

The reason for this jump back in time? A story inside exploring the niche genre of comics about comics, a fan finds a rare issue and tracks down the reclusive artist before making a shocking discovery. Also in this issue, Al Ewing and Henry Flint‘s Zombo has gone off the weirdness scale and they now inhabit the throne of bizarro, surrealist pop-culture quoting horror/humour that Brendan McCarthy vacated some years back.

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